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Arts Career Options, Job Prospects in Art Careers

February 8th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

Art Career: Many strokes one brush

In this fast moving global world of IT, engineering, biotechnology, electronics, etc, painting sounds poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific, so gone are those days when arts as a career choice was not considered realistic and by art one would picture a fine artist (someone who makes a living by creating original, one-off pieces of art) not knowing the vast career options available out there.

Career Opportunities in Arts

Career Opportunities in Arts Stream

The world of “art” is surely not limited to fine arts and with changing trends in almost every field the “need of art” (which again is not limited to being a painter of canvases that gets framed and sold in a gallery) is well understood and is given its due share.

Animator, designers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, sketch artist, potters, mutli-media artists and animators, makeup artists, graphic designers, art historians, web/digital artists, courtroom artists, art therapists, etc are all just a few names when looking out for career options in arts.

Behind every piece of art in a magazine newspaper, book, poster, and leaflet there’s a graphic or commercial artist who mostly works a team.

There are graphic artists putting the magazines together, illustrators drawing the cartoons and graphics, website designers, computer-graphic artists, and animators, film, TV, and stage set building, computer games, art galleries and museums, teaching art and art therapy, mural painting and face painting, think more broadly: photography, landscape design, interior design, shop-window design, framing, textile and clothing design, furniture and lighting design, architecture and engineering and all this requires creative skills and if in your heart you wish to be a fine artist, working in any of these fields will complement what you do at your free time.

Exploring careers in art, in general, there are no occupational limits to the possible application benefits of all creativity training. Best thing is that there’s no retirement for an artist, it’s your way of living so there’s no end to it.

Art may not be able to give you the same money as being, say for example, a stockbroker, but you have to decide what’s more important for you- money or having a job/career you thoroughly enjoy. Not many are capable of doing the poetic justice and frankly not many get an opportunity also to pursue their hobby as a career.

Some people choose a job simply because it pays bills and leaves them with plenty of time to pursue a fine-art career as a part time, or one in an unrelated field so it won’t use up their creative energy.

Art students need not worry as they have several options, including working in art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, fashion houses etc. Several artists even chose to be freelancers, giving then a chance to work on a variety of projects.

Now if are sure of what you want to be and if an artist in you is looking out for options then don’t hesitate just give wings to your dreams, choices are many for you to handle!

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