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October 15th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

The history of the aviation industry started in 1911 in India but at the moment it is at its peak for certain. There are so many private players along with the national carrier operating side by side. There are not only numerous domestic flights but also international ones. The aviation is gaining significant strength in the travel market and is no longer considered a luxury to fly. The economy commercial airlines have made flying possible even for the middle class. With the growing amount of travel and the dropping of prices there are certainly more flights and hence, this culminates into numerous aviation job opportunities.


Because of customer and aviation industry friendly regulations and the reducing of monopoly in the sector the service levels have increased and so has accountability.

The aviation industry is playing a great role in the stimulus and being an impetus in the country’s growth and enhancement of the economy. In fact according to the latest business report in the aviation industry India is the largest growing market.

The industry has gone through tremendous amounts of change and all of this is for the better. The entry of the private players brought about raising of benchmarks for quality as well as making air travel affordable for many. Previously, it was considered to be the domain of the elite only, but it is no longer the case.

Almost 75% of the share of the domestic travel has been taken over by private airline companies and this has been growing further. Many airports have been modernized and airports added to three tier towns which did not have one, and many more international airports. All of this resulted in a boom.

However, since 2006 many airlines have been posting losses. This includes the government owned Air India and Indian Airlines along with the private airlines. This has several factors most of it linked with the high charges of turbine fuel, shortage of skilled labor and hence higher salaries for the few available and also intense price competition amongst the several players. Thereafter the economic slowdown and the recession did not do much to help the airline industry. Corporates cut down on their travel and video conferencing and other modes of communication were preferred. There were fewer people traveling either domestic or internationally. Certain health concerns such as the swine flu and natural calamities like earthquakes and floods was like the final straw on the camel’s back.

In addition to this there have been several instances of strikes and no work policy in some airlines with the workers demanding better pay and perks.

In spite of all this a career in the aviation industry is still a lucrative one. The staff is well paid and have immense perks and benefits that they are entitled to. Other intangible benefits are the chance to travel the entire world and stay in some of the best hotels. There is ample career growth as well as training associated with the aviation industry.

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