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Best Entry Level Jobs For College Graduates

February 27th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

Top 10 Entry Level Careers for Freshers

Top 10 Entry Level Careers for Freshers

Thomas Friedman in his book The World is flat, observed while visiting Google Inc., the search terms that most often appear on the Google search engine. No. 2 on that list was jobs and it’s pretty clear that in this era, there are plenty of people looking for those.

This year, I feel the following jobs will be the most prominent ones.

1. Corporate Lawyering: Seven National Law Universities in the country, were set up in order to improve the quality of the students entering the bar, and that of lawyers in courts. Instead, the students graduating from these colleges, seem to prefer the high-stress high reward jobs at law firms. Probably, the fastest growing in terms of numbers entering the field.

2. Management: Although, this is typically done in order to follow up on a basic graduation level education, it is easily the most lucrative amongst all the middle class careers.

3. Engineering: The most opted for, and the most in terms of numbers as well. It’s fairly rewarding, with the rate at which Software Engineers are required in the Information Technology sector, the jobs although not in abundance are sufficient and are extremely rewarding. A course is however typically followed by a management course, with greater opportunities being the reason.

4. Aviation: A stark shortage of pilots, makes this an extremely safe career option. However, the initial fee for obtaining a degree in this line of work, is quite high, but the rewards are equally high.

5. Architecture: Some would co-relate this with engineering , but that is a mis-conception, the job market as well as career strategy is significantly different. A 5 year course, with a 6 month internship at the end will see any talented artist with an interest in mechanics and geometry will see himself as an architect with a job.

6. Design: Being a question of design, the position is very similar to that of architecture, with the difference being that this requires more creativity and abstraction.

7. Fashion Design: An option rarely opted for, but the glamorous youth of the country, especially those with creative traits, and with an interest in fashion, seem to be willing to take a chance on this career. Extremely high reward in some cases, but not quite in others.

8. Medicine: The profession of the noble and this is getting more true with time as even after long years of education, the industry is drying up due to advances in healthcare technology. Only those truly interested with a passion for medicine, end up taking it.

9. Litigation: Being a law student, one of the first thing that comes to mind, when I think the word “career” is Litigation. Although, it is not as instantaneously rewarding as Corporate Lawyering, this job too does have it’s perks. Apart from the respect, that naturally comes with the tradition, and the civic awareness, the job can be extremely lucrative for one already established

10. Hotel Management: As long as there is a requirement for hospitality, which there will be as long as businesses are run the way they are, there will be a requirement for hotels, thus making opportunities for a careers in hotel management.

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