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Best MCA Colleges in India: Freshers MCA Admissions 2011

February 18th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

As the economy opens up and more and more corporate and multi-national companies go on to set up shop in India, there is a growing demand for trained and qualified professionals in the field of computer applications. That is the reason by more and more students are opting for an MCA degree after their graduation. This can be a course that can open up great gateways for you and be the right stepping stones in your career provided you do it from the right college. This will ensure that you are able to prove your potential of being able to get admission into the best of colleges as well as groom yourself to be able to work in the most challenging and dynamic of environment.

There is a demand for IT professionals, there is no doubt about that, and this demand is constantly growing. However, what employers greatly look for is great amounts of skill that will get them the right candidate. When they notice the kind of best MCA college that you have attended, they will be able to take a quick enough decision about employing you. This in turn will certainly go on to guarantee you a niche in your career and great growth opportunities.

Here is a list of some of top MCA colleges in India

1. Delhi University
2. R.E.C. Trichy
3. B.H.U
4. ICSE Indore
5. Jalgaon University
6. Pune University
7. J. N. U., New Delhi
8. MNNIT, Allahabad
9. IIT Roorkee
10. V.J.T.I., Mumbai

Keep in mind that there are several not only good but fantastic MCA colleges in India. There are some really good private MCA colleges and government run ones as well. Also, the fees for these colleges is more than 2 lakhs and therefore, you certainly want to go ahead and make the right choice and get the right kind of education that will hold you in good stead for long years.

You can ensure for yourself one of the most fantastic of career opportunities with the perfect MCA degree under your belt. With globalization happening big time in India and growing relentlessly if you want to make a mark in the computer field then a good MCA degree is a must. The Information Technology is the latest buzz in this age and you certainly don’t want to be left behind in this revolution.

These colleges have the best of everything and to top it all a reputation to reckon with. You will find that they have the best of faculty who know how to groom their students to help them make a success of their lives. The top MCA colleges in India have the most fantastic of infrastructure that is comparable to international standards. The competition to get into these MCA colleges is tough and if you were to clear the entrance examination with flying colors you will be assured of a seat in the best of MCA College.

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