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Best Paying Jobs & Careers 2010 in India

February 22nd, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

With the onset of the new decade, not only has the face of education changed but with it the job industry has also resurrected itself into an all new avatar lashing the deep-rooted conventionalism especially prevalent in the Indian job industry.

Best Paying Career & Job Opportunities 2010

Best Paying Career & Job Opportunities 2010

Today, is the best time to be creative and individualistic in the job bazaar. And hail! It even pays! With the huge requirement in ever growing corporate world for transmitting information from here to there, the IT Sector, as has been in trend since the year 2000, is expanding voluminously. And also the paying value of BPO’s and KPO’s is increasing given the specialization of labor and managerial skills required to keep these giant conglomerates working.

In India the year 2010 is said to bring with it 2300000 BPO jobs! And somewhere around 2500000 KPO jobs. The skilled labor in India coupled with the relative cheapness of labour makes it the number one destination for the globalized world to shuttle information to all the countries from here. Also, with the growing concern of the upper-middle class and the metropolitan crowd of the nation when it come to health and education makes these sectors very lucrative for those who want to whip the cream.

In the health sector, there is not only scope for the service-providers like doctors etc, but also for a growing pharma industry. Health Insurance and other banking-related services also find many takers in the urban Indian scene. Now as far as the education-sector is concerned, everyone who knows how to impart their learning is making big money these days. This is especially true in the cities where working parents and cut-throat competition leave the children with not many options other than tuitions. Also, for clearing various entrances students pay a wallet-some for a two to three month training programme.

An ordinary tuition teacher ears anywhere around Rs.400 per hour for a secondary school student. Also with companies swearing on over-expanding their sizes and decentralizing work, there is a great need for lawyers and advocates especially corporate lawyers. Any law school graduate gets a handsome package for keeping a company out of the mud of feud. Again, with the growing demand for grooming and lifestyle concerns, the fashion industry with all its sub-parts (shoe designing, apparels, cosmetic industry etc) is also a very lucrative career option.

So as we have observed, the trend is certainly going off-the-beaten-track, away from the same-old government job pattern into the more evolving but more risky corporate world. But of course for the select few, working as engineers and managers in a top-notch company preferably overseas company is very payable.

But all said and done, it can be concluded that this time is the best time to be young as there are numerous high paying opportunities for everyone who has the skill and the urge to work.

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