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July 27th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

India is the known hub for IT jobs and there are huge companies who have set up shop in India & offer the Best of Careers for any techie. The IT industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate taking all along on a roller coaster ride of great career opportunities.

There are huge numbers of people employed in the IT sector. Let us see who are the top ten IT employers.

  • The largest among the lot is Wipro Technologies. It employs loads of fresh graduates straight off the campus every year. It also has a need for middle managerial staff on an ongoing basis. It is one of the largest IT recruiters in India.
  • Second on the list is Tata Consultancy. They too go to the best colleges and universities to pick the very best of the student. They have immense growth plans charted out for their business.
  • Close on the heels of the first two contenders is Infosys Technologies. They recruit several people every year. This company has grown phenomenally over the years and has truly become a global corporation at the same time held on to its Indian roots.
  • Next, is HCL? This is one company that has a need for people which has been increasing over a period of time. Every year they are among the top five to recruit from engineering colleges. They have several business processes and projects and in order to fulfill them they need adequate human resource.
  • Fifth on our list is Satyam. Although it has been tainted it still continues to recruit fresh graduates. It is known as a good learning ground wherein you learn all about the IT world that there is.
  • Sixth on our list is Cognizant Technology Solutions. They have offices in several locations in India and are ramming up their operations based on the number of projects that they have on hand.
  • Seventh is Patni computers. Although this company started quite small it has made progress by great leaps and bounds. It has been on a hiring spree and has hired some of the best minds in the IT sector.

The reaming three companies are BFL Mphasis, Polaris and I-flex. Although these companies are not as big as the ones higher up on the list they do hire periodically. For a fresh graduate with no experience these can be really good places to learn the entire project cycle. Here you will be able to move laterally and adopt several different roles which will be great learning experience for you. In larger organizations they look for more specialized roles rather than a single person doing all the jobs.

Most of these companies have come out to be the best employers in India & offer top paying jobs in India. They provide great learning opportunities and believe in an engaged workforce. They have a certain benchmark which they strive very hard to meet. They deliver employee satisfaction be it in the promotion opportunities, the salary and perks, the infrastructure and the frequent overseas assignments that an employee could be sent to.

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