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September 26th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Improving business relationships and trade activities with many countries has led to the evolvement of this career which provides courses and training in learning different languages like Arabic, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese etc to enhance business opportunities in various parts of the world.

People who have a fair interest in learning new languages have better career prospects in this field. They have job options in the field of overseas department, translation, tourism, online content writing, business executives and secretarial roles, teaching jobs and interpretation jobs in government enterprises and private multi-national companies.

Foreign language students can attain diploma and degree courses or certification programs in foreign languages from various universities world-wide depending on the usage of language in business relationships.

A Translator is recruited by multi-national companies whose job is to interact with foriegn deligates and translate their views and ideas to the employers in conferences or public meetings. Interpreters are employed by embassies and government enterprises to facilitate easy interaction facilities with customers. Department of tourism hire these linguists as tourist guides to operate various tours. They are also offered jobs in export industries and trade companies to build better business ventures. Foreign linguists are preferred in international organisations like UNO, IMF, FAO and UNICEF to deliver speech and articles in different issues relating to problems of various nations. They can also be represented by the country to foreign nations as ambassadors and develop a good relationship between the countries and continents as well.

Pay structures offered to these linguists are attractive and remunerative depending on the type of job and the location. However freelance witers and translators can earn Rs.50 to Rs.150 for every page of translation and interpreters can expect Rs.250-500 per hour for their extravagant skills. However, hired linguists in MNCs get a fair salary package of around Rs.20K per month and this figure tend to become higher when working as an ambassador to foreign countries or being a representator to foreign deligates.

This has evolved as a highly profitable job to many linguists these days because of increased foreign relationships in business world. This is completely a new branch which offers wide range of opportunities to young and dynamic people with good communication skills and creative techniques to grow in this field. This has enabled to exchange cultures and traditions from various parts of the world which builds a strong relationship between neighbouring countries.

For pursuing a teacher or professor job in foreign languages, one have to attain Masters degree or Ph.,D in any of the specialised subjects. They can find placements in international schools and institutes where courses are offered to students wishing to learn these foreign languages with experienced faculty team members. Researchers, medical transcriptionists, lawyers and librarians also have great overseas job opportunities in this area. Linguists can work as foreign travel advisors and can have a separate set of clients, it may be an individual or company or government enterprise who take advisory benefits on frequent travelling to different countries for business purposes.

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