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CAT GD & Interview: Top 10 Tips

February 1st, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

Well, you have finally have made it through the written exam and have got the best of percentile. Now, the next stage is for you to be able to ace the group discussion and the interview. Here are the ten tips that you can use to get past the others in this most important of tests:

1. Get yourself noticed: the very first thing that you do need to ensure is that you get yourself noticed by the panel or the interviewer. Ensure that getting noticed means in the positive way and not in a negative way.

2. Ensure that the what you contribute towards the discussion is meaningful and in tangent with what the others are speaking in the discussion.

3. Sound loud enough and confident. When you are going to speak, the people around you should be able to hear you and also your voice should be confident and assertive enough to have them listening to you.

4.Do not mistake being assertive to be aggressive and barge in when others are speaking. You need to find the right pause in the discussion and then put in your bit in the most emphasizing of manner.

5. Also, ensure that you make most of the speaking chance that you get and do not waste a single moment. Every second counts and every second of speech helps you go on to make an impact on the panel.

6. Practice and more practice is only what will work. Make certain that you have practiced enough rounds of the group discussions with others and attended practice sessions so as to be able to not have to face nerves if you are doing it for the first time round. Talking as much as possible will help you overcome the jitters and butterflies in your stomach and come out a winner.

7. When you speak it is all about showcasing your knowledge and if you are widely read you will be on the right track. Make certain that you read, watch shows and notice what people speak, their behavioral patterns and how to answer.

8. If you want to argue, make certain that your argumentative points are logical, sequential and have enough evidence and examples to substantiate them. If you are an eloquent communicator then all of this will be possible.

9. Keep in mind that quality versus quantity counts out here. It is not how much you say but what you say that is important. If you want to succeed in the group discussion then you need to give the other participants a chance as well. There should be enough of points and matter in your speech and not just words that are strung together.

10. If you find that everyone who has spoken so far has spoken for the topic then it is a good idea to speak against it as you will get noticed by the panel as well as you will have fresh new points to put forward.

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