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July 22nd, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

The CAT and the GMAT are two different tests but; at some point of time you might have to sit for them if you are interested in a “management career”. Both these tests vary in certain aspects. The two main aspects that they vary in are the level of difficulty and the types of questions that you will get in it. The CAT Math section is slightly tougher compared to the GMAT and the English section is tougher in the GMAT section.

Let us consider both these tests differently first :-

The GMAT stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a standardized test which is only delivered in English. The GMAT has a verbal section which is further divided into only three types of questions posed in it. They are sentence corrections based on grammatical errors, then you have critical and analytical thinking and lastly the reading comprehension bit which tests whether you can read quickly, comprehend and answer accordingly. For the GMAT test you will have to divide your study preparation into two parts, studying the basics and then the specific type for the test.

GMAT is a computer adaptive test. Thus the GMAT test does not allow you to go back to the question if you are not sure. Hence, you either tick the right answer or leave it or take a chance which could prove detrimental later. The answers need to be answered the way they are presented to you. You will not be able to move ahead until you have answered the previous question. You will also have practiced a few tests using the computer as otherwise on the day of the test you will find it difficult to maneuver your way around.

The GMAT scores are considered by business schools all across the globe for admission to the MBA programs. Hence if you are considering studying further in the field of business and management then you will not be able to escape this test. The B-schools consider this as a clear indicator of a students’ academic ability.

Having said that many people consider the GMAT questions a lot easier than CAT.

On the other hand the CAT exam has a variety of questions and not divided into any particular section. The CAT is a paper based test which enables you to go back to a question if you have not been able to answer it in the first go or want to change it.

Students must bear in mind that if it is the US that is supposed to be your ultimate destination then GMAT it should be and if it is India then opt for the CAT.

The GMAT lays more stress and importance on reasoning. There are no vocabulary based or analytical questions. This test has two essays for you to write. These essays play an important role and needs practice before you go ahead for the test.The CAT has everything from the GMAT and GRE tests.

To sum up GMAT requires less preparation when compared to the CAT.

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