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October 8th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Ceramic engineering is a very prosperous and growing branch of engineering. In the field of ceramic engineering one use technology to manufacture and use ceramic materials. The ceramic industry is multi-million dollar one and has lots of job prospects for people who enter this industry.

Ceramic engineers get to work in the scientific and the production stream as well. They can work as administrators, supervisors, sales engineers or technical consultants. The demand for these professionals is growing and hence the job openings too.

Ceramic engineers play a vital role in the new age industries of telecommunication and electronics. Besides the job prospects the nature of work is very interesting. The Ceramic Engineers help to develop several different kinds of products right from tiles to space shuttles. Hence, their scope is really wide and varied. Almost all the industries need ceramic experts. The expertise that the ceramic engineers have enables them to develop with ease several products such as glassware, fiber optics, cement and bricks to the finer ones such as space shuttles, components of nuclear fuel and even pollution control devices.

Ceramic Engineering requires you to get admission into an engineering college after your twelfth standard or intermediate exams. This is a four year course with the focus on chemical and ceramics. In case you opt for a diploma then its duration is three years. After doing a B.Tech in this field you can go on to opt for an M.Tech to further your career growth options.

There are certain traits that one requires to pursue a career in Ceramic Engineering. They are the ability to grasp things quickly and work hard. You should have good numerical ability and logical reasoning. This along with a good grasp of problem solving, creativity and communication skills will fetch you a good enough career.

Besides, the career growth there are very good salaries in this field. An inexperienced Ceramic Engineer in his first job can get a salary of about 9000 to 13000 plus other perks and benefits. If you get a government job the salary might be slightly less at 5000 to 9000 buy the job security makes up for it. If you work as a Ceramic Engineering lecturer, then your first salary can be as high as 12000. If you become a consultant your salary can be as high as 60,000 too.

Along with the salary you are also entitled to several perks and performance based incentives.

The work environment is in large office buildings or industrial plants. Sometimes extensive travel is required too.

A career in Ceramic engineering can be extremely promising and have great growth potential linked with it. If you are the kind who wants to work within new fields and makes new products than this is just right for you. You need not worry about the remuneration as that will follow automatically.

Ceramic engineers are always in demand and there is no dearth of jobs for them either within their country or abroad.

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