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August 28th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

You are certainly in for a humongous & tasteful task, if seeking this career in India. Being a land of such diversities in food, with an acceptance to imported flavors, a never-ending quest for that perfect hint of spices along with a sweet-tooth; the job opportunities for a Chef are unimaginable.

Chef Jobs & Careers in India

Chef Jobs & Careers in India

“Chef de cuisine”, a French word, is a title given to the chief of the kitchen, in culinary profession.

The requirements for this job also match equally with the kind of prospects it has to offer. Just a good hand in cooking doesn’t take you that far, a chef is required to have flair for nutrients, manage people as well as commodities, work on tight schedules, and most importantly, “create” his own recipes.

It is one of those classic examples of “harmonious work ethics”, wherein you secure a position depending on your experience & skills.

By the nature of your accomplishment in this domain, various significant titles, like the ones mentioned below, are given:

  1. Sous-chef: The second in command of the kitchen after ‘chef de cuisine’.
  2. Expediter: Takes orders & is known to put the finishing touches on the food.
  3. Commis: Generally, a trainee or a new entrant.
  4. Chef de Partie: You can master the particular art & be in-charge of one of these ‘stations’:
  • Saucier – Highest station chef, prepares sauces & stews.
  • Garde Manger – The pantry chef, prepares cold food like salad & dressings.
  • Poissonier – Prepares the fish-food.
  • Entermetier – The vegetable cook, prepares soups & pastas also.
  • Rotisseur – Prepares roasted & braised meat.
  • Grillardin – Prepares all grilled food.
  • Potager – The soup & stock cook.
  • Friturier – In-charge of deep fry foods & batter.
  • Tournant – A swing cook or a floater, generally a handy replacement.
  • Patissier – The pastry cook, prepares pastries, desserts & rolls.
  • Boucher – Prepares meats & poultry, known as Butcher.
  • Confiseur – The candy cook.
  • Boulanger – The bread cook.

Although, these titles exist in larger kitchens, but the relevance is ubiquitous and provides you the elaborate list of alternatives that you may step up to, in order to create a niche for yourself.

It is often said that the best cooking lessons start from home. To further enhance your skills, if you are not so keen on spilling out money for culinary schools or, are extremely sure about your cookery; the hands-on in a regional kitchen is an experience in itself.

Now, talking about the job prospects in India, where there is food & kitchen, there is a Chef. Not only in hotels & restaurants, but also in Transports like cruise lines, railways & airways, food are being served all across land, air and water. The canteens & fast-food culture is another hit among today’s coevals, who survive on quick meals.

Of course, due to growth in interdependence & liaison between varied fields, new set of career options also crop up. Some of the hot picks are food writer/journalist, cooking hobbyist, faculty in an institute imparting training for the same or, even a self-employed owner of a food-bar.

With or without a golden degree, if you have that tang in your hand, a job is just round the corner, literally. With eating-out as a new pastime, new joints & new positions are on an up rise, and so is the pay scale.

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