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October 26th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Clinical research is a biological field where physicians and chemists combine their academic knowledge with practical skills to discover diseases and various treatment methods mainly. This has evolved as a breakthrough in the medical field as there are many vaccines and drugs invented to cure rare and complex ailments. Therefore this is a perfect area for people who want to pursue their profession in medical field other than practising medicine.

Wide range of job opportunities are awaiting for young, dynamic and inventive physicians in this medical area. Physicians of various domains are required for different tasks at research centres and laboratories. There are varying job responsibilities for these comprehensive researchers in the pharmaceutical field, environmental study, hospitals and health care centres, physiotherapy branch, diabetes clinic and testing labs, oncology and neurology departments etc.

One can take up research jobs in various industry types and laboratories after completing a master’s degree course in any of the specialised subjects. There are less numbers of medical professionals opting this field because of its minimal applications and roles, but now research in clinical laboratories and medical field has emerged as a separate and unique area of specialisation for many doctors because of its wide application in many areas.

Graduates in microbiology and pharmacology can take up this profession with a PhD in any of the specialised subjects. There are many attractive job positions offered to these researchers with varying designations. Some of them could be listed as below: Clinical trial Administrators, Environmental Engineer, Medical Associates, Validation Chemist, Pharmaceutical Associate, Scientists, Project Managers, Proposal Development mangers and many more. Bright and enthusiastic Professionals are recruited for this type of job that involves great discoveries and inventions in the medical field.

There are high remunerations offered to these aspiring professionals in this field as an average salary of a fresh research assistant in USA is expected to be around 55K$ per annum which is purely based on academic qualification. Clinical Research Managers can expect a higher salary structure of around 1-1.5 lakh$ per annum which demands greater involvement and in-depth knowledge of the subject with enormous experience and extravagant expertise levels in real time projects. Ph.D., holders can take up teaching job as their profession.

Good communication skills and fair knowledge about recent developments can serve as an added advantage to these researchers to prosper and grow in this field. There are many institutes offering post graduation and diploma courses in these subjects world wide. Selecting an appropriate institute for higher studies is often difficult, but discussions with other lab assistants and professionals will be helpful to choose the right one. Referring to various blogs where there are comments and reviews about the institute and subject has also proved to be very beneficial in choosing the right university for further studies.

There are many new vacancies coming up in this profession which is expected to grow vastly in future generations. Thereby this is a perfect choice of profession for people who are passionate towards innovations and inventions in the medical field.

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