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Corporate Law Career Opportunities in India for Freshers

February 8th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

The growing number of corporate and multi-national companies in India have gone on to ensure that businesses are growing not only in the numbers but in size as well. As more and more enterprises are being set up in India and the growth is phenomenal there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be tapped in the corporate sector.

Corporate Law career opportunities in India for Freshers is also growing and there are plenty of opportunities for them to get to understand the nuances of advising their clients, arguing the variety of cases in court after the right kind of preparation of the documents and the drawing up of business contracts.

Corporate Law career opportunities in India for Freshers exist either in the private sector or in government organizations. They can team up with a firm of lawyers or apprentice with a senior lawyer until they have learned the ropes. At the same time they can also join corporate in the junior cadre and then rise up. The learning will be phenomenal as they will not only get to interact and be the interface with clients but also research and find out more for themselves and about corporate law. They will be eligible for a good amount of salary no matter whether they join the corporate or the Judicial Service in India.

Also, when they have learned the ropes and how to go about their own practice, they can have a goal of setting up individual a practice of their own. A fresher can also look at carving out their niche by joining a big law firm wherein they can learn a whole lot of things laterally. This will give them the right kind of opportunity to know all the facets of corporate law right from meeting the clients, putting all the documents together, drafting and editing the legal briefs, attending the court hearings and gaining the entire gamut of legal expertise and experience. This is going to work out to be a good learning ground for the fresher and therefore, they should go ahead and choose the right kind of opportunity with the right amount learning.

Also, it is a really feasible and well thought out idea to join a large law firm at the first go. The reason being these large law firms that have a reputation and are well established are going to be more trusted by corporate then if you were to strike out solo. Later on, once you have learned enough from a senior lawyer or at the large law firm you might want to consider striking out on your own.

There are some large corporate that have their own in-house large legal departments and you can be a part of it. This will place you directly on the corporate pay roll. There are also several other companies that are going to enter the Indian market and they will have opportunities waiting to be tapped in the legal departments. There are banks, financial institutions and other businesses too that need corporate lawyers.

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