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September 7th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

A career in the field of Criminal law is exciting and an important part of the legal system. As a criminal lawyer you will get to either represent the state or individuals in diverse cases, each one different than the other one.

Criminal Law Duties

The Criminal lawyer will have to represent his client in the trail. He will have to present evidence and arguments to back these up. They also need to counsel their client, inform them about their legal rights and provide them with suggestions about the course of action to be taken. They need to research the law and match the specific circumstances to it.

Criminal Law Skills

The Skills that you will require in the field of Criminal law are the ability to deal with clients and the other people surrounding them. You will need to build up rapport, counsel people, deal with them during the most stressful period of their lives. You must be empathetic, a good listener and observant with an eye for detail. You must be able to do all of these and at the same time work under pressure and within timelines. Besides these you must also be a good negotiator and communicate appropriately.

Criminal Law Education

There are formal requirements in order to become a lawyer. A Criminal lawyer usually takes a five year degree in law directly after high school or a three year degree in law after Junior college. After he has graduated in law he must pass the written test conducted called the bar examination. If the particular state that he resides in does not have the bar examination then he must register to be able to practice as a lawyer. A Criminal lawyer must have proficiency in speaking and writing in English.

Salary in Criminal Law

The salary that a lawyer gets depends largely on several variables. These are his own particular set of skills to get more clients, the education and certifications that they have procured, and the geographical region that they practice in. A Criminal lawyer can start off with about 10 lacs per annum at the base scale on an average. This scale is at the beginning of his career and once he has gained enough experience then the sky is the limit.

Job Prospects in Criminal Law

A Criminal lawyer can start off working in a salaried position. He can work as an associate with a Criminal lawyer and work his way up. After a few years he may be accepted as a partner within the law firm or he can go into practice for himself. A Criminal lawyer could also become a faculty or work in the administration field of Criminal law. A person who has gained expertise in Criminal law can also go on to participate in the managerial position of the security wing of large corporations. There is a growing need for trained people in the Criminal law field and no dearth of opportunities.

The overall job outlook for Criminal lawyers is positive but it is a keenly competitive field.

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