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July 27th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

As an inexperienced graduate your CV is the passport to the world for obtaining your First Job. If it is carefully worded it can open up the doors of the corporate and business world for you. Your CV will make the employer decide whether they would like to call you for an interview or not.

There will be loads of competition around. Do not get intimidated by that. Let your CV speak for you. Highlight all your achievements, whether they are they in the academic field or in organizing events and shows. Highlight the leadership skills that you must have picked up and personality traits that can be tapped positively by the organization.

If you have attended any specific courses that will let you move ahead of the pile mention them. Let the CV convey the extra efforts taken to achieve these skills and you will certainly get brownie points for it. Relate the achievements keeping CAR in mind, the circumstance, the action taken by you and the result.

Let your CV highlight how you have kept abreast of the competition. Highlight the technological skills and the knowledge at the same time the ability to learn quickly.

Let the employer know of the enthusiasm and energy that you will bring to the job. Let them know in no uncertain words that you are willing to work hard and long hours in order to succeed.

When you are drafting your CV you might want to make a rough copy initially as there might be several changes made to it. Be careful of the language that you use. Business correspondence uses a more formal and Standardized form of the language. After you have written the entire CV you must proof read and edit it. Use the spell checker at all times. Keep an eye on the grammar and the sentence structure. Lot of times if you are thinking in your first language and trying to convert it into English you will get the word order wrong. Beware of that!

Instead of the experience, you can highlight all the projects and internships that you have done and what was the outcome of those.

Be wary of the hobbies that you mention. They should be such that they fit into the employer’s overall picture of you such as networking, reading on specific topics, attending seminars.

Try and showcase to the employer your creative streak and the ability to innovate and come up with new ideas. Every company wants to infuse new blood periodically and if you show them the way they will certainly want to hire you.

Your CV is like your ticket to the big interview with the employer in your hunt for that Dream Job. It is representing you as the brand in front of the employer even before he sees you. Hence, you want everything to be perfect and just right. Use all the strategy possible to showcase yourself in the best possible light to the employer.

Do not go overboard with your CV as if you put everything down there then what will you talk about at the interview.

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