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Difference between CBSE and ICSE Boards

June 5th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

The two main syllabuses that schools follow in are the CBSE and ICSE. Although both these boards have lots of similarities there are also some really glaring differences. This enables them to be able to select the board that will meet their future study requirements.

1) The one main difference is that ICSE is only in English whereas the CBSE can be attempted in English and Hindi.

2) ICSE is only for those students who study in affiliated schools. Whereas the main reason why CBSE was set up was to give the parents who had touring jobs an alternative board.

3) The other major difference between CBSE and ICSE is that the latter is more broad based. This enhances the child’s overall development as well as allows them to be able to ensure a far wider range of learning. The thrust and focus in most ICSE schools is on English and that is what is going to help the child communicate better in the future.

4) The syllabus that is followed in the CBSE curriculum is more scientific, systematic and comprehensive. There are even the number of hours allocated to each subject for the academic year and the marks that they carry. This allows the students as well as the teacher a start to be able to match their study according to the set syllabus that is so much in depth.

The ICSE syllabus on the other hand has more management based choices and if one wants to do that, then this is the right course. Also, CBSE students have an edge over their ICSE counterparts on the competitive exams. This is because the competitive examination syllabus is almost similar to that of what is learned in CBSE.

5) Also, ICSE has several more papers when compared to CBSE. This means that they have more papers to appear for and a vaster syllabus than the students in CBSE does. For instance, English has two papers in the ICSE syllabus and only one in CBSE.

6) Furthermore, what the children in an ICSE syllabus will learn say in the eighth grade, the same thing will be taught to the CBSE student in the tenth grade. Therefore, the ICSE student will have to learn faster and be quicker at grasping things. This will go on to increase their overall fundamentals and grasp of the subject knowledge far better in an ICSE school.

7) ICSE schools have environmental studies as a compulsory subject and this is not the case with CBSE. On the other hand, the CBSE syllabus has been extremely proactive and got grades instead of marks for the students appearing for the boards. This in turn is going to bring down the stress levels that students face when they have to write their board exams in the tenth.

Both the CBSE and ICSE syllabuses are equally recognized all over the globe. They impart the best of education to the students who opt for either of these boards in their tenth grade.

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