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December 6th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Introduction To Electrical Engineering:
The field of electrical engineering is a part of the stream of computer science. A person who has studied this field is able to deal with electricity and everything to do with electronics and the different modes of its application. The field is growing due to several software corporate setting up base all over the globe.

An electrical engineer will need to produce and distribute electrical power and control it using the different formats that are available to them. They also need to process the information to several different fields such as communication, instrumentation and industrial electronics.


Electrical Engineering Degrees:
A candidate in order to secure the coveted degree of an electrical engineer needs to:

  • Complete a 10+2 in physics, chemistry and mathematics as the main options
  • Have a diploma in electrical engineering from a recognized institution
  • Have a B.E, B.Tech or M.Tech degrees from reputed colleges or universities. The best being those that are awarded from the IITs.
  • Further, an electrical engineer can pursue their doctorate or a management degree to further their career options.
  • They can also specialize in certain segments such as electrical energy converters, electrical energy distribution channels and so forth.

Kind of Job positions:
The field of electrical engineering is growing by leaps and bounds and is not likely to be affected by recession in the near future for certain. As everything requires electricity to function, their scope is growing by leaps and bounds. An electrical engineer can find a career opening in the generating of electricity, distribution and transmission and the micro processes required to deal with the customer base. With a combination of electrical and electronic systems the sky is the limit for an electrical engineer.

Electrical Engineer Salaries:
The salary range depends on the years of experience that the electrical engineer has under his belt after the degree. An electrical engineer with more than 20 years of experience can get a salary of 6 lacs and above per annum. An inexperienced electrical engineer on the other hand, who is just starting out in his career, can get anywhere in the range of 1 to 3 lacs.

Job Prospects For Electrical Engineers:
The job prospects for electrical engineers are extremely bright. There are several different options that they can choose from once they have got the requisite degree. They could join any of the sectors in telecommunication, electrical power stations; signal processing, computers, designing and so forth.

Several electrical engineers go on to join the food, pulp and paper, aircraft and automobile or chemical industry. There are several jobs in the government as well as private sector. The electrical engineering field is one field that will offer great progress and promotions with the right use of the acquired knowledge and skills. The demand for qualified electrical engineers is certainly not going to diminish and one can get a job with national electrical boards, state run electrical units or independent power supplying companies too. One could also turn into an entrepreneur by setting up a unit.

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