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June 24th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Finding a Job in Bad Economy

When you read about the current economy in the papers your heart will skip a beat or two when you read about the bad state of the job market. You wonder whether you will get an entry level job in this bad and faltering economy. When the economy is going through a bad phase then the companies want to hire less people to do more work. Hence, the competition for the job is really stiff.

You will be able to find a job in this bad economy if you do your research and planning well ahead of time. You should chart out your plans just like a war plan with all the strategies, techniques to be adopted, and diverse plans to fall back on if some of the plans fail.

Start networking. Remember, that a good race horse will always be recognized and wanted. So is the case with employers. Show them what you can do for them and the company and you will be able to secure a job for yourself.  Look at your skills and knowledge objectively and compare that with what the employers want. If there is a fine match then start looking for jobs in that particular sector. In case the skills and knowledge that you have do not match with the wants of the market then see that you upskill yourself in that particular field.

When you are looking for a job and you are offered a job but not the kind you are looking for. Do not fret. Take it up as that will help you to learn a new skill and progress too. After you take up this job you can still continue looking for a job in your specialized field.

Start networking and building up industry related contacts. Start to go where the jobs are be it in another industry, sector or even another city. Don’t remain stationery at one place. Move with the times. What might have been good once might no longer remain so. Determine what are the employer’s needs and match your skills with that. Be more visible so that you will be noticed by the right pair of eyes. Earn your way up or into the organization. Volunteer to do a summer internship if needed.

Keep in mind that jobs don’t come easily in a bad economy. You must go all out to find them. The path may not be easy but neither is it impossible. Skilled and trained employees are always required. There is no easy road to success. Never give up although you might encounter many a defeat and no for job applications.

Knock at every possible door. You might think that this door is not knocking on and hence overlook it but this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Keep up the tempo of job search and do not get disheartened.

The ailing economy will not last but tough people will surely do and make progress too.

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