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October 5th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

The job of a flight attendant is to make the passenger comfortable and ensure that all the safety regulations are met. At the same time it is a highly paying job in Aviation Industry with a lot of glamour and status attached to it.

With the opening up of the skies there are several commercial airlines and they are always looking for flight attendants to fill the ever increasing posts. The educational qualifications required are an intermediate at the minimum and proficiency in English plus any other foreign and regional language. People with diplomas from hospitality sector are given a preference. Also, those who have attended flight training schools have an edge over the others. After they are recruited they receive a formal training which lasts for several weeks.

Besides these there are certain other criteria to be met such as age, height and weight, customer service and rapport building ability.

The job outlook for flight attendants is very rosy. This particular job sector is bound to grow. At the same time there is a lot of competition for the vacant positions and only the best win them. Flight attendants are paid good salaries and besides that they are entitled to several perks and benefits. Whenever they fly they get to live at five star hotels and experience the good things in life.

There are several girls who dream of becoming a Flight Attendant or Air Hostess because of the fashion and high living associated with it. If you have decided to pursue this very rewarding career option then it is a good thing to start preparing for it. Start by learning a foreign language such as French or Spanish which will look good on your resume and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Once you have graduated from junior college you can start applying online at the websites of the concerned airlines. The next step is that you will be called for an interview. There might be several rounds of interviews that are conducted and each round is a preliminary round. Once you are selected then there is certainly going to be no looking back and the sky is the limit.

You will not only get to see the entire world and jet lag with the who’s who but also live the life of your dreams. Although you will need to work for long hours while on duty this will be compensated for by the number of off days that you will have. Be assured to have a great time and enjoy every moment of your work life.

Once you have worked for a few years then you get the seniority tag which entitles you to a lot more benefits, training and perks. There is lot of opportunities to grow laterally or vertically as a Flight Attendant. The moment age starts catching up and you no longer want to continue to fly you could always opt for a ground job for the airline. Hence, the skies certainly look bright enough for Flight Attendants.

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