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Fresher Resume Tips: Do’s & Dont’s

August 9th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

A Fresher’s Resume is his / her brand image in front of the prospective employer. Freshers want to do things that are right and help them create a good first impression.

Let us look at some of the dos and don’ts while writing resumes in case of fresher graduates.

The Do’s:

  1. Write concisely and clearly. There is no need for you to be unnecessarily verbose. Stick to stating your points in a clear and succinct manner. Long winded sentences are not appreciated.
  2. Grammar and punctuation can be a big give away about your education, knowledge and attitude. You can’t be staying that you are really good when your grammar says just the opposite.
  3. Try and bullet the points so that the information leaps out at the reader. He/she will not have to spend extra time hunting for it.
  4. Try and address and send the resume to the concerned person by finding out his name and designation.
  5. Be wary of the salutation. Use the title along with the last name. Do not use the title with the first name.
  6. It is not appropriate to address people as Sir and Madam if you can find out their names. These are quite obsolete terms now.
  7. The quality of the paper should be the best around. The color and the overall aesthetics should be appealing.
  8. Proofread and edit your resume so as to trap and correct mistakes immediately.
  9. Highlight your educational qualifications, the institutions attended in place of experience.
  10. The resume is your marketing tool. Use this tool optimally to reap benefits later.

The Don’ts:

  1. Do not send a handwritten resume however proud you are of your handwriting. This is quite a passé thing.
  2. Do not use generic words or phrases throughout the resume. Make it as specific as possible.
  3. Do not make your fresher resume more than two pages. Ideally it should be 1 page long. At the same time if there is place on the sheet try and not leave it blank.
  4. Do not use any other size or color of paper than the stipulated ones, however, creative you might want to become.
  5. Sound professional in the way you have drafted the resume. Check for the tone that should be professional and confident.
  6. Don’t mention all the possible details of your accomplishments. If you mention everything possible out here then why would the employer want to call you for an interview? Ignite the right amount of interest and leave it at that.
  7. Don’t derive a format and structure of your own for the resume. There are standardized formats and structures which you must follow as that will reassure the employer as that is what they are looking for.
  8. Don’t use paste words. Rather try and use words which have power, punch and these are action verbs.
  9. Try and enumerate your achievements with the help of numbers. These can be quantified and measured or compared against the others.
  10. Don’t send off the resume until someone other than you has reviewed it. They will be able to give you inputs which might have escaped you.

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