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Fresher Salaries 2010 in India, Entry Level Pay Package

February 5th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

Freshers Salaries in 2010 will be the most controversial topic just like the year 2009. The toughest part of one’s professional career is being a fresher. It is usually the most difficult part of everyone’s life. The young generation is already under so much of pressure! They have the peer pressure, family pressure and expectation with study pressure. And all of the young generation has to stand upon own feet. After completing studies, everyone has to enter to the real world.

Pay Scale & Salaries for Fresher Graduates in 2010

Pay Scale & Salaries for Fresher Graduates in 2010

Fresher is the hardest part in a life. Getting a worthy lifestyle is the basic requirement. Still parents will pass on their comments and suggestions which will make you more confused. With the little knowledge about the real world, a fresher starts its journey. Freshers struggle with the minimum amount of a salary in a company. He or she does not have no clue about their own abilities and let others to exploit them. Thus, fresher salaries in 2010 should be discussed heavily.

A fresher just cannot claim a raise in their salary as they are new in their respective jobs. Every year millions of people are graduating. More or less, every student is bright and is prepared to face new challenges of life. Still people and companies have intentions to cheat freshers. It is estimated as per a survey that entry level salaries in India for the year 2010 should be around Rs. 29,000. This salary slab will greatly depend upon the various companies, industry, organization, benefits and experience.

It will also depend on one’s educational qualification. A mere graduate will not be receiving a good pay than a post graduate. Even certain reputed educational institutions put a good impact of the student to fetch excellent jobs. It is nearly like a tag attached to the resume. Some of the brand institutions like IIM or IIT. Generally, the range of freshers salaries in 2010 is from Rs. 8000 per month to Rs. 18000 per month.

Your pay scale will also depend on the career choice which you will choose. The best paying freshers salaries in 2010 are the courses of medical and engineering. A fresher may get more paying if he or she chooses the best place to live. A metropolitan city with a high living standard of life will pay you very well. Private and public firms may offer with good jobs with low paying. It does not matter that a salary will satisfy at your job. Try to have a good social networking.

You need to increase your ability and skills in order to get more salary. To make yourself expensive, enhance your skills, be positive and try to get your desired post.  You should also be aware of recent incidents. The entire world has gone through a lot of economic imbalance. For which, many huge recruiters, organizations and IT companies had to chuck out and low pay packages were offered. So, still freshers salaries in 2010 will be worst affected this year as well.

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