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November 27th, 2008 Posted by VFreshers

There is always a first time for everything and so with job interviews. As soon as you complete your studies, you have to enter the world of reality and work. So how do you ace the first interview? You do so by planning, researching and practicing before attending that interview. Always have the attitude of ‘Can do’, ‘Getting it right the very first time.’ 

Even seasoned people who have attended loads of interviews don’t really look forward to them. Just the thought of meeting new people and being asked several questions is something that they don’t relish. 

However, preparation will definitely help you as with anything else in life. You can showcase the best of your skills in your First Interview and wow the interviewer. How? By following these ten tips. 

  1. Find out everything possible about the company: Do not be caught off guard. Well-informed is well begun. So show the initiative of knowing about the company and ask relevant questions to create a good impression of you being seriously interested in working for the company. 
  2. Find out about the interviewer: Check out the company’s website to find out more about their HR department, people over there and their designations. Visit social networking sites such as LinkedIn to find out information relevant for the interview.  
  3. Practice: Role play with a person who has been for interviews before. Ask them to give you constructive feedback at the end to enable you to work on your areas of development. This way you will be much more relaxed on D day. Research some of the common questions that are asked at interviews in your chosen field. Think of logical answers that you would give and also the best way to impress your interviewer. 
  4. Dress appropriately: It is always safe to wear business formals because you can never go wrong with them. Wear your best suit or formals which imbibe confidence in you. Do not wear something that you are not comfortable in because that will certainly show. The physical discomfort will be a deterrent in your performance at the interview. When you look good, and you know it, the confidence gets converted into your gait, body language and the answers that you give. All these are noted by interviewers and brownie points given for them. 
  5. Convince yourself that it is alright if you don’t get this job: This way you will be able to showcase the very best of yourself at the interview. Otherwise just the thought that it is your dream job and you will be devastated if you don’t get it will not enable you to perform to the best of your abilities. Also incase the interview doesn’t go well it will not be the end of the world for you. You will learn from your failures and move on. You will also be better prepared the next time round.
  6. Punctuality: Always plan ahead and keep enough time on head for all possible contingencies such as traffic jams, no transport, stuck in the elevator and so on. Always carry an extra copy of your Resume. Once you are there you will need at least ten minutes to settle now, and wipe the sweat off your brow. You don’t want your name to be called and you not being present there or going in huffing and puffing. It certainly won’t be a good impression if you are late. In fact it is unforgivable. 
  7. Portray Positive Body Language:  Body language is a major give away about what you are thinking. Walk straight, hold your head high and offer a firm handshake. Always maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Of course don’t stare at the interviewer. Not maintaining eye contact is construed as lying or low self confidence. Lean slightly towards the interviewer to show that you are interested in what he is saying and listening attentively. 
  8. Remain calm: Do not speak very fast as it will garble your thoughts and you will want to run through your conversation. Keep in mind a duck. It appears calm and collected on the surface but if you were to go beneath the water and look at it then you will find it paddling away furiously. Breath easily to relax yourself. Take your time before you answer questions and think before you speak. Try and use a few fillers at the beginning of sentences such as well, what I believe is…to buy yourself time.
  9. Ask questions: Ask relevant and focused questions to learn more about the company and the entry level job. This will prove your interest to the employer. 
  10. Thank the interviewer: Be gracious and thank the interviewer. Later, you can send an email or a thank you card. 

If you follow all the above points carefully, you will have much better chance of winning a Top Job.

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