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Freshers Resume Writing Tips

November 7th, 2008 Posted by VFreshers

Lets look at the top 10 things that you should keep in mind while you are writing a resume.

Remember a resume is your first impression on the company and it is your ticket to an interview.

Hence you do want to put your best foot forward, don’t you?
As a fresh graduate what you must keep in mind is the impression that you create on your future employer.

 There are lots of graduates applying for entry level jobs hence you have to keep many things in mind. Firstly, remember the length of the resume. At no point of time make it more that one or maximum two pages. Be careful with the choice of words and add on only those things that will highlight your importance for the role you are applying for and how it will benefit the organization.

Secondly, think of the stationery that you are using and what impression it will leave on the mind of your receiver. No frills and fancies please. Just plain old whitest of white A4 size paper of good quality will do the job.

Thirdly, resumes are always typewritten in the age of computers. You will hardly ever come across a handwritten one. Handwritten resumes went out with the dinosaurs. Next, remember a date is never mentioned in the resume. It will always be in the covering letter. Therefore the same resume you can use again and again by changing the covering letter to suit individual organizational needs. you don’t want your resume to stand out like a sore thumb just because you are a fresh graduate and do not know the ropes still.
Fresh graduates often pre-empt and include supporting documents and certificates to prove your credentials. No. Not unless you have been specifically asked for. Same goes with a photograph. There is no need for you to enclose or attach one unless you have been asked for one.

When we talk about quality of work fresh graduates must showcase that while writing a resume. Don’t ever send across a photocopied resume. Always print it. First impressions do last for a long time. Be careful about the font that you use and colors. Use these judiciously and keep in mind how they will appear on the person’s computer. Font and color that might look appropriate on your system might not seem so on another computer.

A resume especially for freshers jobs in India, should be the harbinger of professionalism and what better way to prove that then by paying attention to the minutest of details. Pay special attention to punctuation, capitalization where required, the layout and structure of the resume. Divide the resume into paragraphs and be careful of spacing used. Bullet point where ever necessary. Keep yourself in the reader’s shoes and see how it will look from his end.

Always keep in mind grammar and spellings. Construct short sentences that convey information in a crisp precise manner. Do not have long rambling sentences. Use the spell check before you hit the print or send button. Use standardized English at all times. Avoid jargons and abbreviations that might not be understood by your recipient.

Emphasis on assertiveness displayed, by using action verbs to show your Academic achievements. Talk about the circumstances, the action that you took and what was the outcome for you.

Lastly, emphasis organizational achievements you were instrumental in bringing about during your Summer Trainings and Internships. Write in chronological order from the most recent to the furthest away.

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