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Google Jobs and Salaries in India for 2011:Freshers Job Opportunities at Google

January 27th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

There are some companies that always continue to remain in the forefront and are a dream employer to work for. So, is the case with Google and every youngster or job seeker would love to work in a kind of environment that Google provides for its employees.

At the same time people are keen to find out about the kind of jobs and the salaries that are on offer. There are several technical linked jobs as well as marketing be it product marketing, online sales or customer service. In the technical field there are openings for software engineers, Technical account managers.

The salary that is on offer is based on the number of years of expereince that the person has. For a fresher with not much experience the start is usually at 3 lakhs per annum. For a person with five to nine years expereince the salary hovers around 16 lakhs and for more than a decade of experience the salary is from 35 lakhs onwards.

The salaries offered by Google just like in most companies also differ based on the city that you are applying for. For instance, if you were to apply for Hyderabad then the range is from 3.5 lakhs onwards. A city like Gurgaon or Bangalore would command a far higher salary based on the cost of living and all of that.

There are several other features that are looked for by the company in the recruitment process for the salary figure to be arrived at. There is the thing about the right qualifications and expereince match. Over and above that there is also the thing about the skills garnered and how they will be implemented and used at the work place.

The other skills looked at are the entrepreneur bent of mind, the communication skills, critical thinking, successfully able to work in a team and maintain long term relationships with the stake holders and the partners. Also, the comfort level of adopting change, and the new age technology, in order, to enhance productivity and increase their output!

For instance, what would a Senior Software Engineer or Developer be given by an employer like Google depends on the role that he will play and the number of experience. Taking all of the variables into consideration and the other factors the salary will range anywhere close to 2,273,000. If you were to look at specific skills and specialties then someone with C++ will get 2,500.000 and a Project Manager will be highest at 4,500,000.

The other skills such as Java will get you 3,000,000 and C 808,500. For Network Management and Administration one will be able to earn at Google 2,800,000 and UNIX will be at 1,000,000.

Besides the base salary there are plenty of benefits and perks that the employers will get. This includes Gym and fitness memberships, paid sick leave, free lunch, drinks and paid holidays which includes sick leave. The best thing is the stock options that the company goes on to offer its employees.

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  1. # 1 deepan chakaravarthi k Says:

    i m fresher..i m fineshed oracle10g dba and b.com ca

  2. # 2 Afreen Says:


    I am a Graduate (BSc) and have a 2years and 9 months of working experience in Dubai and 1 year in India. I want to apply for an internship in Google company appreciate if you provide me thw application process.


  3. # 3 ABHISHEK gUPTA Says:

    I hv completed BCA n have good communication n programming skills (java/ajax/python/c/c++/mysql) n hv a grip on concepts of networking .
    can i get an internship or job in google india?

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