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Government Sector Vs Private Sector

August 30th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

Secretariat Building Raisina Hill New Delhi Picture

Raisina Hill New Delhi

Government Sector Vs Private Sector is a debate which seems to be a never ending topic. It is very difficult to take stand for either of these forms of administration. The reason behind that is not unknown but obvious as both provide scopes in different ways.

The first allegation that can be put up for this debatable issue is that Government Sector is more divided than organized. What this means is that a public sector administration runs on the shoulders of many sub divisions. For example – human resource has a ministry and has many governmental organizations working under it to collect the data from. This may seem to be organized but ultimately it becomes divided and creates a problem in the long run.

A Private Sector is also divided into departments which work closely. They need to have a coherent working structure or else business will falter. The organization and separation of departmental power is very strict. This does not create any kind of rift between the different departments as they work together. They operate on different functions and so cannot override each other’s functions.

Again, Private Sector employees have to be visible and accountable for each and every action they take. In other words they have to be visible in order to promote their business but can work in their own comfort. However, Government Sector employees have to work showing complete transparency to their jobs. They have to work under the public eye. So it can be said that they work with the governmental radar on and under public scanner!

It is said that the Government Sector is not clear with its endeavors. The objectives of the public sector are more confusing and indefinite in comparison to the Private Sector. The Private Sector supposedly provides more clarity to their apparent subjectivity. This makes the sector more evident.

Prime Minister Infosys Bangalore Campus India

Infosys Bangalore Campus

Well this lucidity could go against the Private Sector as this sector is accused of only profit oriented work. This sector will never take anything until and unless it sees profit in it. This “what’s in it for me” mentality is very dangerous as it eventually does not do any good for the community. The dream of this sector is to make more money at the cost of anything and everything. Hence the need of a public sector arises which can look into and offer its services to the well being of a nation.

Apart from all this, there is another positive point for the Government Sector in this contest of Government Sector Vs Private Sector, that it has elected representatives. These representatives are chosen by the public who are more trusted than any corporate honcho like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or a Rupert Murdoch. It is needless to say that the Private Sector has no such intentions of using popular voting or veto power to ensure its working. It is private and that is how it has to be treated. No trespassing is surely allowed on the private properties.

In fact to take liberty at the discussion of Government Sector Vs Private Sector, it can be said that both are equally important for any nation. It should be Government Sector and Private Sector which should be the area of discussion. A harmony between the two is required for any nation to prosper and grow.

Picture Courtesy: Prime Minster’s Office & Sir Watkyn

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