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June 24th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur

Both GRE & GATE examinations are crucial ones that decide the fate of the youngsters or the Fresher Graduates who are on the threshold of their career prospects. Although comparing the GRE with the GATE are like comparing two unlike things such as apples with the oranges. Let us look at both of them separately so as to understand what they are all about and what is the outcome after taking it.

The GRE is an exam you need to sit for if you are going to get into a masters or a doctoral program in the USA. Any US university will certainly ask you for these scores when you are applying for the course. It has undergone quite a few changes over the years. It has become longer and slightly more difficult. Having said that, the pattern of the exam has predominantly remained the same.

The GRE test you on very generic skills such as verbal, quantitative and anyalytical. The GRE has recently introduced a short essay section which was not there previously. This could be quite a daunting thing for some students.the GRE goes on to check the students ability to read, comprehend, analyse and express their own opinions and point of view. These are the exact skills that they will require when they are pursuing higher education in the US.

The GATE at the same time is the exam if you want to join an engineering course in the Masters program at an Indian instutute like the IIT’s or the NIT’s. Any leading university or institute that you apply for will certainly ask for this. The GATE test is more specific when compared to the GRE. It is held only once a year. The GATE does not require people to write a short essay which is good news for some.

At the same time both these tests require one to be really serious about them. The marks awarded are in percentiles and they really need to be high. If you are not good at time management and preparing constantly then you will not be able to fare well. Remain focus and a little afraid, as this will get your adrenalin running in your veins. The computer adaptive scoring enables the computer to throw up questions based on your ability to answer them. Hence, as you progress in the test the questions get more difficult. They move from a spectrum of easy to difficult.the verbal section is quite competitive and you need to have worked real hard at vocabulary building to be able to crack it. Preparation is the key to both these tests. There are negative marking allotted for both these sections.

Every graduate will have to continue any of these tests to be taken at some point of time for higher studies. GRE and GATE is for pursuing higher studies in engineering. If you like the management side, go for CAT(for Indian B-schools, IIMs etc) or GMAT(International B-schools).

So, whether you opt for the GRE or GATE it depends on what your future study and career plans are.

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