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November 7th, 2008 Posted by VFreshers

A new graduate has a very strong foundation in educational qualifications but no work experience. That is all the more reason that your cover letter should generate the right kind of interest and grab the eye balls of your reader.

Your cover letter should make you stand out from the huge stack of applications that every employer is bound to receive. Emphasis your areas of strength and bring them all to the forefront.

Remember that the employer is looking for new employees like a breath of fresh air brimming with new ideas and innovative methods.

Every employer has in mind that the cover letter will tell them about the skills that you will bring to the table. You need to cite a relevant example of this in your cover letter if possible.

Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. The lack of experience shouldn’t deter you instead leverage your assets in order to let your future employer know what he will be getting.

So how do you frame your cover letter that gets you hired immediately? Remember one important point that is that your cover letter adds onto what you have written in the resume. It makes your prospective employer focus his attention onto your achievements and makes him want to turn the page and read your resume rather than it ending in the trash like many others.

For new graduates a well-structured cover letter is extremely important. It is your persuasive tool which tells your employer that you do have saleable skills although no professional work experience.

Sometimes pressed for time people think the resume is enough. No it never is. However, brief a cover letter it conveys your professionalism and how important the entry level job is for you.

When you are sending the resume as an attachment in an e-mail then fill in the cover letter in the body of the mail.

Divide your cover letter into three main parts. The first being the introduction which is the shortest of the three paragraphs. Identify yourself and your aims for applying for this position. Let them know how you came to know about the job opening.

In the second part tell them about your qualifications and the major learning experiences that you can carry with you to your work place. Be specific and try to talk in numbers. Mention the number of students you handled or worked with. Do not respond what you have already mentioned in your resume. There is no sense of repeating what the employer is going to read in your resume.

In the last bit reiterate your interest in that particular company. Let them know specifically your contact details and the times that you will be available on that number. You definitely don’t want to miss a call from your prospective employer and usually opportunities don’t come knocking again.

Remember that there is a particular format for cover letters. Use the block format and left hand side everything rule.

Begin with the date, your name, address, salutation,divide it into three parts we have already discussed and end appropriately.

For the salutation, see that you follow the right global patterns of addressing people. Use the title and the last name of the person. Example Mr Williams if his name is Bob Williams. For women it is always better to use Ms.

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  3. # 3 Ishan Mehta Says:

    Hey thank you so much for the information. Can u please let me know, where should i submit my resume?

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