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October 3rd, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

The moment you hear of entry level jobs you might have the stereotype of them being low paying. But, not all entry level jobs fall under that category. There are several high paying entry level jobs out there. Some jobs can start at six figures from the word go and not counting the perks that come along with it.

Here is the list of jobs that meet the criteria of being high paying and at entry level:

  • A registered nurse: If you are a nurse with a degree and certifications to back you up then you’re starting salary will be something to crow about.
  • Computer programmers and system administrators are still in demand and command a great salary. The very first job will fetch you enough to be able to pay off the student loans immediately.
  • Physical Therapist: If you are an accredited physical therapist then there will be no dearth of job opportunities that pay well.
  • Financial analyst or an advisor: Everyone needs to take care of their money especially in these hard pressed times. Hence, a financial analyst who can give you sound advice and help you earn a better return on your investments is always going to be in demand.
  • Education administrator: Although they require a higher qualification they are able to earn a good enough salary right from the entry level.
  • Transcriptionists: People who can understand medical terminology and have a good grasp on English can get into this profession without a specialized degree. The best thing about this is that you are paid well from the word go and it affords you the flexibility of working from home.
  • Call center executive: As a call center executive you will be paid a high salary in your very first job itself. The best part of this is that you will get plenty of training and learning opportunities too with lots of perks thrown in.
  • Management field: If you are lucky enough to have a management degree from one of the premier institutions then the sky is the limit. Even as an inexperienced person stepping into your very first job you will be offered a good enough pay package.
  • Medical professional with a specialization in any one particular niche will open up the vistas for you in India and abroad.
  • IT Professional: The way the IT sector has been booming it requires people in all the fields and departments in large numbers. This will enable people with diverse backgrounds to have a job opening at a salary that might have been unheard of even by their parents.

Therefore, with changing times the job scenario has also been changing constantly. Now, as a fresh graduate you can get and expect a salary that might have been unheard a few years ago.

Hence, do not despair if you are inexperienced and setting out for your first job because in the right sector and the right job you will certainly get the right salary.

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