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July 19th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

At the workplace one really needs to mind one’s manners. Everyone around you is noticing your every move and you don’t want to get the title of the boorish one in office. There are unwritten laws in the office that one must follow whether it is India or anywhere in the world.

First of all hold the door open for ladies and the boss or your older colleagues. If you are walking past the door first ensure that you do not leave the door because it will bang into the person coming in behind you. If you have just joined the office, then follow the behavior of the others. Be observant and follow what the others are doing.

Secondly, never ever ask personal questions. It is not the accepted thing professionally. There are times when you might be tempted or out of habit wanting to do so. But, hold yourself back from it or else you will be avoided like the plague by your colleagues every time they see you around. You don’t want to be clubbed the nosy parker.

Remember that people are proud of their names and identify them with it. If you want to build up rapport try and address the person by their name. Make it a point to take extra care and effort to pronounce their name correctly. Try out handy little tricks to remember the person’s name. Associate with some trait of the person and you will not forget the name the next time you meet them. Also be careful of the title. Always, address ladies with Ms. (pronounced as mizz). If you are unsure of their marital status this is a safe thing to do. Never use the first name and the title for instance if the person’s name is Vivienne Smith, it is wrong to address her as Ms. Vivienne. The right way is Ms. Smith or Vivienne if you know her well or she has given you the permission to address her by her first name.

Whenever you encounter anyone be it in the corridor or office or the elevator greet them with a pleasant and genuine smile. If you know your colleagues then greet them with a customary good morning or hello.

Always ensure that you use these three words liberally. They are please, thank you and sorry. Of course apologize only when you need to and not again and again or else you will sound insincere.

Learn to use your voice discreetly, whether you are talking face to face or over the phone. No one wants to hear your personal or professional conversations and get disturbed. Keep your voice low and if you need to speak loudly get up and move out.

Remember to wear a smile to work every day. It does not cost you anything but will go on to enlighten the place and add cheer. Also try to follow some eating etiquette while enjoying your food at office during your job.

If you are the last person to leave the room, switch off the lights and the air conditioner and same with your workstation. Once you have finished for the day make it a point to switch it off.

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