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August 28th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Indian Navy or Nausena-Bharti is an exciting platform for those who are seeking adventure, service to the country & travel prospects all at the same time. It is for those brave hearts, who not only have the zeal to serve but, also the capacity to remain away from home for long expanses.

This career requires a lot from the individual, apart from the qualifications & test clearance. One should possess traits like determination, hunger to survive, love for nation, adaptability & decision-making abilities.


Indian Navy being one of the most prestigious & technologically advanced wings of Armed forces enrolls you into one of the two cadres: Officer Entry & Sailor Entry. The test procedure as well as the training, drills you to the core to bring out the best in you. Let’s take up each of these profiles in detail.

For being an Officer, after you have filed yourself into a suitable commission: Permanent or Short Service Commission; you can choose from these broad categories in Indian Navy:

  • Executive:
    Deals with the on-board running of the ship, with a specialization in fields like Gunnery, Navigation, Communications, Aviation, Diving, Logistics, Hydrography etc.
  • Engineering:
    Deals with the repair & maintenance of Navy machinery.
  • Electrical:
    Manages the ship’s electrical, propulsion, radar, radio, computer & other communication systems.
  • Education:
    Deals with training novice naval officers & specializations in fields like Oceanography & Meteorology.

A Navy officer can gain ranks from sub-lieutenant to Admiral to Admiral of the Fleet (five star ceremonial rank), during his course of service and the remunerations, along with the allowances, increase accordingly.

Apart from the above defined classes, some specialized field of work can also be seen in the Navy, which facilitate for the recruitment of the women also. One can be a doctor or a dentist and still be a part of the troop as medical assistance. Even law degree holders can apply for the Law Cadre & thus, handle legal issues. Some other interesting opportunities are:

  • Air Traffic Control:
    Maintaining aviation schedules.
  • Logistics Officer:
    Ensure over-all clearance in terms of statistics.
  • Naval Armament Inspection:
    Cadre dealing with R&D, checks for safety, quality and reliability.
  • Hydrographics Officer:
    Helps in data retrieval & updation of charts referred by Navy officers.
  • Provost Officer:
    They are the military police & deal with security and vigilance acts.
  • Aviation Officer:
    For fighter planes and helicopters, pilot training is given
  • Submarine Officer:
    An elite arm with the ‘Dolphin Badge’ and deal with submarine warfare means.

For being a Sailor, there are various avenues, but the growth is a little confined & one has to depend on hard work & merit to earn the ranks of a Commissioned Officer.

Apart from the regular entry modules for being a sailor like: Direct Entry for Diploma Holders, Artificial Apprentice or Senior Secondary Recruits, each of which is subject to a mental & physical test; there are other job opportunities also, such as:

  • Matric Recruit:
    For the purpose of serving as cook and steward.
  • Non-Matric Recruit:
    For the position of topass, due to lack of education.
  • Musicians:
    Are required to have an aptitude for music & ensure entertainment.

A sailor enjoys numerous allowances, insurance covers and pension & retirement proposals, along with a decent remuneration.

So, if you have the strength to be one of those special Indians, the career in Indian Navy is a stirring option to go for.

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