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Lateral Placements in IIM: Salaries & Trends

January 27th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

This year the lateral placements in the IIMs have really hit the roof, and have shown an upper ward trend that is certainly extremely refreshing especially after the recession.

The lateral placements have been so very good this year that it has ensured that the students are sure of the global recession having gone and their future being really bright. There has been an average salary and perks increase of more than 25 percent. This has been seen in almost all the B-schools and the moods of the students have been really jubilant.

The year 2009 had been one of the worst of years for the placement cell. This year round at the lateral placements in the IIMs there were not only recruiters, but recruiters from all the different fields and willing to go that extra mile and offer a good pay package.

Here are some of the facts and figures for you to be able to understand the kind of emerging trend that was noticed. The year 2010 that went by was different in several ways. There was almost a 20% increase in not only salary but also in the perks and the amount of offers the students had to choose from. The wider choice that was there in front of them enabled them to be able to make the right and most appropriate choice for themselves keeping their career goals in mind..

Having said that the 2008 figures were far higher than this year but that was to have been expected what with the economy and the world recovering from the onslaught of the recession. The average salaries on offer were ranging from about 12 lakhs plus to that of 16 lakhs,

The major recruiters continued to be in the segment of Banking and Finance and they were the ones that roped in most of the students. This specific segment saw an increase of almost 32% in the salary right. This went on to prove that this is one sector that is always a winner for the student to choose.

There were several consulting and global firms that continued to offer good enough options in terms of salary and perks to the students. However, what was seen from the student’s end was that the thrust no longer only remained on the salary and perks, though that did play a major role, the key points and priority given was also on the job profile, learning opportunity and of course, the future growth prospects there.

This sure was an impressive year with more pre-placement offers seen along with the lateral placements. The number of increased offer that students got reinforced their confidence in choosing this field as their career option.

This was certainly a great change from the suffering and the low morale that students had to go through last year. The industry is certainly showing a resurgence and there are bound to be more offers and better salaries and perks.

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