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Lawyer Sample Resume Format : Law Fresher CV

February 6th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

There are more and more opportunities to be tapped in the field of law and therefore the right kind of lawyer’s resume with the correct expected format can enable you to be able to get your foot in the door big time.
A lawyer is a coveted profession and therefore the resume should have the right kind of professional look about it. There are several areas of expertise that the lawyer should have along with experience and the right credentials to back that up. That is why it is mandatory that all of these get highlighted in the resume. Try and use keywords and technical jargon to get your point across.

Here is the right Lawyer Sample resume format to be followed if you are eyeing a good career in this field:

Contact Information:

  • Name: Michael Saint-Vil
  • Permanent Address:
    Apartment 21, Boulevard Estates,
    Huntsville, Alabama
  • Telephone: 897 980 7689
  • Email id: msaintvil@yahoo.com


To be able to secure a position as a Corporate Lawyer and work towards reaching the organizations goal


  • Worked for five years at senior level and gained corporate legal expertise.
  • Specializing in litigations for corporate firms and human resource laws that include labor laws, termination and retrenchment
  • Completed major legal projects
  • Great communication and team-building skills.
  • Experience in all kinds of legal domains


  • Bachelor in Law from the University of Illinois in 2003
  • Masters in Law specializing in corporate law from the Winnipeg University in 2005


  • The Bar Association of Illinois since 2005
  • The Lawyer’s Association of Winnipeg since 2005

Volunteer work:

  • Volunteered as a mentor for local children
  • Wrote articles for the monthly magazine at the University

Legal Licenses:

  • Texas Association of Lawyers – 2005
  • Panel Lawyer for the ABX Corporate since 2007
  • A member of the Lawyers’ Association since 2008


  • Senior Lawyer for Attorney George Smith in Winnipeg from 2008 to date
  • Responsible for drafting all legal documents
  • Attending cases and hearings at all levels
  • Reviewing files prepared by junior lawyers for hearings
  • Performing and charting out the course of action for clients
  • Attending the trial proceedings
  • Drafting the documents needed in court
  • Mentoring junior lawyers

Lawyer at Brad and Sons from 2006 to 2008

  • Researched legal concerns and prepared cases accordingly
  • Attended various hearings with the senior lawyers
  • Worked with multi-faceted clients and collected documents
  • Prepared the documents for the cases.
  • Attended the cases in the absence of senior lawyers

References: Will provide them on request.

This is the right kind of resume format that will ensure that you are able to showcase your best qualities. You will be able to get your foot in the door by getting yourself called for an interview. Then, in the face to face interview you will be able to convince them with your skills and expertise.

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