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MBA Fresher Interview Questions Answers

February 15th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

Administration and management are integral departments of any organisation. MBA freshers would have completed their academics in any one of the specialised subjects like Finance, HRD, Sales and Marketing etc. These fresh post-graduates are offered job positions that suits their profile. Therefore MBA post-graduates are much preferred in any company than degree holders because of their masters degree.

MBA Fresher Graduate Interview Questions

MBA Fresher Graduate Interview Questions

Gaining academic qualification with fair percentage and projecting the required management skills to the employer with confidence will fetch you the right job. Referring to various blogs and comments by other MBA freshers as well as professionals may be of great help to you in this regard. Do take up some online tests to assess yourself and get prepared to the interview accordingly.

The first question to be expected is Tell me about yourself?” Be relaxed and confidently answer this question to portray your character in short to the interviewer without blabbering unwanted things.

The employer could ask about “Type of on-going work in the organisation” Tell him that with lots of search blogs and engines, you came to know about the type of work, products and deliverables of the company.

Next question might be of course on your “Weaknesses and strengths” Be clear and precise in answering to the interviewer about this question and tell him that you have always improved vastly considering all the weaknesses about yourself. Relate your strengths to the work and explain to him that there is always scope for improving your skills.

He may ask about your administration skills and pressure management at times when you are really stressed and pressurised about the work. Express to him that you can handle the situations under pressure well and co-relate that to your work and convince him saying that you will be managing your stress level and work very well without disturbing your mental balance.

Notify the recruiter about your academic live project and experiences while performing it because that will really help him to validate you.

The next question could be “Can you work for the organization from any part of the world if required?” The answer should be conveyed in such a way to the interviewer that you are prepared to perform from anywhere to contribute to the success of the organization and for your individual career growth.

Administration and management are tough tasks to handle for any fresher, but would have definitely acquired great knowledge from management subjects studied as a part of their academic curriculum. This would be of great help to resolve various work conditions at the work place.

Thank the interviewer before leaving the room for spending his valuable time with you. Send a thank you note after 2-3 days of your interview and just portray how professional and well behaved you are. This will definitely give a positive approach towards your character and behavior to the employer.

Follow some of the other tips in answering some common interview questions apart from these and come out with bright colors.

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