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Mountbatten Institute London-MBA International Business Internship 2011

January 27th, 2011 Posted by jyothi

Mountbatten Institute London-MBA International Business Internship 2011:


The Mountbatten Institute offers a one-year experience in London that combines full-time work with evening and weekend coursework leading to a professional qualification: the Postgraduate Certificate, or MBA, in International Business Practice.  Internships offer practical experience through participation and training in business, while developing international and cross-cultural awareness through residence in Britain.

Throughout the year interns are given full support from our dedicated team in London. Mountbatten has over two decades of experience in organizing internship programmes for British citizens in New York.  In 1998 we launched a reciprocal programme for American citizens in London.  This programme is thriving and has grown rapidly.  As of March 2009 there were approximately 220 interns placed on the London programme.  All of our interns are recruited and interviewed by our own staff. A living allowance is provided. In addition to this allowance, the Programme provides furnished accommodation at no charge to the intern.


Age Range:
You must be at least 21 at the time you propose to begin the Programme – specifically, by the Sunday at the beginning of orientation week at the official start of your Programme. The Programme is geared towards university graduates between the ages of 21 and 28.

We accept applications from older graduates, however the design of the programme and our specific training remit makes it generally unappealing to graduates with substantial work experience. Thus if you are more than 1 or 2 years older than our recommended upper age limit (28) you are advised to contact your admissions office to discuss the implications before you commit yourself.

Types of Placements:
You must be prepared to undertake entry level and administrative office work. You should understand that the Programme is a combination of both personal, cultural, and professional development, otherwise you are likely to be disappointed and the Programme will not be as rewarding as it should be. In selecting Sponsors, Mountbatten seeks companies that will provide hands-on training in order to develop professional, transferable skills and competencies.

Skills Required:
You should have strong office and computer skills.  Most companies require a minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute.  They also require a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Familiarity with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems is also helpful.  You must have good internet communication skills which include experience with web browsers, email, and the use of search engines to perform on-line research.

You must be prepared to make a year-long commitment to every aspect of the Programme, including either the Postgraduate Certificate or MBA in International Business Practice.  Specifically you are required to attend orientation week followed by 52 or 53 weeks (depending on the cycle of your intake) with a sponsor company.  Interns are not permitted to leave the Programme early to start new jobs, or new programs or postgraduate courses.  Equally, interns who agree to join the Mountbatten Programme a week or so early to accommodate particular sponsor requirements are not permitted to leave the Programme before its proper completion date.

Participation in the London Programme is limited to citizens of Canada, the US or any Asian country.

Please note:

  • Canadian participants must enroll as MBA candidates.
  • Australian and New Zealander applicants are eligible for the New York Programme only.
  • Holders of dual nationality where one country is the UK are not eligible to participate in the Programme.
  • Holders of dual nationality where one country is any other European Union country should contact the Programme before applying.
  • Full citizenship is required for US applicants. Those with “Permanent Resident” (Green Card) status are not eligible.

Language Requirements:
The Mountbatten Institute provides no English language training. Highly proficient verbal and written English language skills are required for both the classroom and the workplace. The ability to communicate clearly using professional English plays a significant role when interviewing for placement in London. For candidates whose first language is not English, any of the following certificates or scores may be provided to serve as a guideline for proficiency to begin the application process:
* IELTS (academic) 6.0 overall with not less than 5.5 in any section
* TOEFL minimum 550 on paper-based and 213 on computer-based
* Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
* Cambridge Certificate Proficiency (CPE)
* Test of English for Educational Purposes (TEEP)
* GCSE English grade C or above
* Pearson Test score of 58 for English Academic or Level 5 General

Without exception, all applicants must be interviewed in person. American-based applicants are interviewed in New York, Chicago or California. Asian-based applicants are interviewed in Bangkok or another urban centre, depending on number of candidates. The Mountbatten Institute also conducts interviews on an ad-hoc basis in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi, depending upon (1) the number of qualified applicants and (2) the availability of interview teams.

Applicants must arrange and finance their own travel and accommodation for the interview.

Education & Experience:
The Programme is only open to college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher.  If you are presently at college you may still apply providing you anticipate becoming a college graduate by the beginning of your proposed internship.

The Admissions Team takes a holistic approach to each application, reviewing all aspects of a candidate’s experience, education, references and personal attainments. Most applicants, however, should have a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 or above (for those graduating from an American institute of higher education). Additionally, applicants should have EITHER an academic degree that is relevant to their field of interest (e.g. any business related major, finance, economics, or accounting) OR any degree plus 12 months’ work experience in a business environment that relates to their field of interest.

Though the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is not currently a requirement for admission to the St Mary’s University College MBA programme, the Admissions Team looks favorably on candidates who can offer a full range of data, and encourages the inclusion of a GMAT score as part of the application.

Health Considerations:
You should be in good health both physically and mentally.  The internship year can be a stressful one, with multiple changes in your environment, and for some, a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows.  Applicants with any form of medical condition are advised to discuss the matter with our New York office before applying.  The British National Health Service does not provide free treatment for pre-existing conditions.  Treatment for such conditions can be expensive, and, in our experience, is generally uninsurable.  The Programme is not able to offer any financial assistance in such cases and may ask you to demonstrate proof of ability to pay before accepting you.

In the past the Programme has tried with mixed success to find internships for interns with physical disabilities.  As a practical matter however, Mountbatten’s sponsoring companies are under no obligation to accept foreign interns with medical conditions that in their view would inhibit an intern’s performance.  Furthermore, the Programme has limited resources for coping with special medical requirements.  Mountbatten generally reserves the right to terminate the internship of, and repatriate, any intern who is unable to comply with the rigors, demands and all of the requirements of the internship program:  this would apply particularly to any intern who did not properly disclose a potentially disbarring medical condition prior to joining the Programme, if that condition subsequently became an issue during the internship.  However, interns who develop new medical conditions while in London will of course receive the full sympathy and support of the Programme within the limits if its resources.

Program Dates:

Start Date:
March Program 2011 is scheduled to start early morning on Monday, March 21, 2011.  All interns should arrive on Sunday March 20.

Location: London – UK

How to Apply:

Once you have read and complied with the Information and Application Pack you are ready to apply online.

Click here to apply online: http://www.mountbatten.org/mipweb.nsf/pages/ld_apply



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