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October 9th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Since the time that oil reserves were discovered in India there have been plenty of career opportunities that have opened up in this sector. The industry employs several people and in fact new recruits are recruited regularly.


The oil and gas industry have jobs that can be extremely exciting as most of the work is carried out on offshore rigs in the middle of the sea. This requires lots of crew and the power generation, equipment, accommodation and all the other support and infrastructure which requires lots of employees to be working at these specialized functions.

The most advanced and latest technology is used to extract oil. Due to the logistics and cost involved the pay and perks for the employees is amongst the best offered. The huge demands for oil and gas clubbed with the reserves within the earth ensure that this employment sector is here to stay for many years.

The demand for skilled personnel is always there. The need for good communicators, with the relevant educational qualifications and skills is abundant.

There are several jobs available at all levels such as be it school leavers or those with the best of degrees. There are several different functions in the process of finding oil and gas and each of them have to work in tandem to be successful. The oil and gas industry is a highly specialized one and the need for personnel is always there.

The oil and gas industry has several different kinds of employers be they operating companies who are licenses for offshore drilling or large drilling companies that are contracted to work on certain rigs.

Oil and gas career can also be sought with the government of India. This enables people to have a secure as well as a well paying job.

A career in the oil and gas sector is like none else. There is a large amount of adventure and intrigue and no two days are the same.

The largest employer in the Oil and Gas sector in India is ONGC which stands for Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited. They are the most important oil and gas group in India and have created more than 600 million metric tons of crude oil. In this century it is at its peak and hence, requires more people working for it than ever before.

A talented executive can get himself a pay scale of anywhere between INR 24,000 and 50,000. There is an increase of about 3% every year. The workers are also entitled to dearness Allowance, bonus, LTA and other perks and benefits. They have several benefits for which they and their family are entitled to. This makes ONGC a very attractive career option.

They have openings in several fields such as drilling, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, Environmental Engineering and support functions.

Hence, if you are looking for a long term career with great benefits and a salary to match it then the oil and gas sector is where you should apply.

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