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October 3rd, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Gone are the days when one needed a brick and mortar office to function and work out of. With the advent of the internet and the broadband connectivity more and more people are opting to work online.

Online jobs offer you several advantages such as no pesky colleagues behind you and the horrendous long commute to and fro to work. This enables you to use your time more constructively and productively.

So, what are the options of Online Jobs in India ?

There are several online teaching jobs available wherein you can get onto the e-learning bandwagon and earn yourself an attractive career option right from home. This is a good blend of teaching classes face to face and right from the comfort of your living room. Imagine taking a class in your pajamas, but, that is what online teaching allows you to do. Plus, you can reach out without any geographical boundaries to students all across the globe without any limitations.

Online content writing jobs are available in plenty. If you have a good command of the language and are well informed then you can get into the field of content writing or copywriting. This gives you the flexibility to accept projects and write at your convenience. Hence, if you feel that you are creative right after midnight then you can start working then.

There are several data entry and processing companies that require workers to work online. They are assured of a guaranteed income. It is a simple enough task to learn and acquire as by just copy paste and filling out forms you can make a decent income right from the comfort of your home.

Another online job opportunity is to turn into an online recruiter. With this kind of job you need to hunt for candidates who match the qualifications and expertise needed by the company and get in touch with them via email or the telephone. You also need to set up the interview and do the other follow up roles until the person gets the job and joins the company. It can offer you one of the best payouts if you can get the work done.

You could also opt to be a virtual assistant. If you have expertise in accounts, secretarial work, web designing or any specific skill then you can set yourself up as a virtual assistant who offers their services as and when required by the organizations. The advantage the organizations have is that your services can be availed as and when needed and also you get the freedom to work from home and at your convenience.

If you are a software programmer or a web designer then you can bid for online projects that are advertised regularly. Once you win these you be able to work online and send them across once complete.

There are several medical transcription companies that allow you to work from home if you have enough experience in the field.

There are several freelancing opportunities available online which you can take advantage of to suit your specific skills and interest levels.

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