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Online MBA Degree Worth: Do you really need it ?

May 24th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

You might be tempted to go ahead and do an online MBA thinking that it goes on to offer you several wonderful options however the reality is that it is far better to do a traditional kind of classroom MBA if you want your career to grow. It can be a great dilemma and a real tough decision to be able to decide between a full time class room MBA versus one that you pursue online.

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The thing that makes people opt for an online MBA is the thought that they will save time in commuting and be able to learn at any time that is suitable to them from the comfortable confines of their home. Having said this they are going to miss out on a whole lot interactive classroom interaction and learning that can best happen in a classroom.

What people think about an online MBA is the flexibility that it offers them when compared to traditional classroom based learning. It is an alternative, no doubt, but certainly not as good as the kind of learning that can happen in front of a faculty. Face to face learning is a different option altogether and offers one a degree at the end that is recognizable by all. Also, if you want to go in for further education or study abroad then the online MBA is not going to be of much help. Also, the grades that one gets for a traditional MBA degree got through the classroom mode are far more recognized and accredited rather than the online ones.

The kind of learning that you can get especially not only the knowledge but skills and hands on learning that can be easily translated into the work environment. On the other hand, this is not so with an online MBA course. You will not get the kind of learning that will happen in a classroom for sure. The interaction, the listening to a live lecture, the ability to practice those skills in class is all part and parcel of a live classroom environment. Also, the syllabus that is followed in a traditional classroom is updated regularly and more up to the latest industry standards. This might not be the case with an online MBA. Although online MBA’s are evolving they aren’t as good and evolved as the other MBA degrees that one gets.

An MBA from a good quality university will allow you to switch careers or propel your career up several rungs of the corporate ladder. This kind of transition is easy provided you have done a full time MBA program – not an online one. As part of your full time program, you will have to do an internship which will be further learning for you.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to go and get you a full time MBA degree rather than an online one.

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