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Part Time MBA: Pros & Cons

May 1st, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

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An MBA degree is a much coveted one and therefore more and more people want to opt for it. There are two ways in which you can do an MBA, one is through distance and part-time mode as you continue to work and gain work experience as well and another one is through the regular full time mode.

You might wonder what the benefits of doing a part-time MBA are. Here are the Pros of Part-Time MBA Programs

Advantages of Part Time MBA Program

  • Part-time MBA programs are more flexible and therefore are the ideal ones for working professionals. The classes are usually scheduled outside normal business hours over weekends and even online for convenienceSome part-time MBA programs require fewer hours and case studies and this works out as a benefit for people who are working professionals.
  • Part-time programs are at times supported by the employers who offer fee reimbursement and benefit by getting their employees up-skilled.
  • Many part-time MBA programs have their courses starting throughout the year and not only at the beginning of an academic year.
  • Part-time programs tend to be priced less financially than the full time ones and that makes them extremely affordable by one and all. They are extremely cost effective as they offer great value addition at a lower price.
  • Part-time MBA students can enhance their skills and start applying them right away rather than waiting to get themselves a job and then start.

Like everything else, there are several cons associated with Part-Time MBA Programs

Disadvantages of Part Time MBA Program

  • These part time MBA programs are not on offer from all the MBA schools and therefore you might miss out on some of the really prestigious ones.
  • There might not be such a vast number of different kinds of subjects for you to be able to choose from. This might narrow down your selective subject options and you might not get to study what you are really interested in.
  • These part-time programs are spread out over weekends and therefore might take a longer time to complete when compared to the other full time ones.
  • There are a few MBA programs that might not be acknowledged by all and also the fewer credits that you earn might not make you eligible for other courses as a continuation of the subject.
  • The person studying through the part-time mode will have to get used to working long hours and this can be extremely exhausting and they might not be able to give it their best. They also need to keep in mind that they have to devote this kind of time over a long period of say a year or two.
  • Part-time MBA programs rarely offer a study abroad option and thus if you are keen to study abroad then you will only have to look for a full time MBA program.

To conclude, make a checklist of your specific needs and then check if the part-time MBA program is able to meet those.

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