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July 21st, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Photojournalism is a good enough career to opt for if you are enamored and interested in it.

There are several opportunities available for a photojournalist. You could work alongside a journalist or you could work for a magazine or work as a freelancer. There are several opportunities open to you as all the print and digital media need photos. There are several growth options available to you as you acquire in-depth knowledge in your field and become a force to reckon with.

Once you have been able to decide on your interest levels and if you will be willing and wanting to spend the rest of your life in this field you can get the requisite qualifications for it. Although in India you don’t have any institution or university offering you course exclusively in photojournalism you can opt for the journalism and mass media courses which will give you an overview of the entire industry. You can do this after graduation from any field. This scenario is changing and there are some institutions that are offering this course exclusively seeing the demand that is there for them.

If you are interested in taking pictures and are good at it then you must certainly get into this recession proof profession. The pictures that you produce must be clear, and able to speak volumes. You must have a knack to be observant and be able to pick out the things that will interest the audience and leave a lasting impression on them. You should have loads of creativity and innovativeness in you.

Photojournalism as a career in India is on an upward slope. It is a profession that has not reached a saturation point and hence whoever gets into it can reap immense benefits. There are lots of opportunities and new ones are opening up every day.

As they say a picture is worth a million words. Your pictures should be able to do this in this new but at the same time competitive world. You must be a perfectionist and be able to present the final image that will draw the audiences to it. They will remain glued to it for ages. Just one picture could take the place of words. This is one profession that is lucrative and will certainly make your way to the top if you are dedicated, focused and committed to your chosen profession.

This profession has no gender bias and is open to both men and women. It is a unique form of expressing your ideas and opinions but in the form of pictures.

Introspect and find out if you have an eye for detail, a way with colors and images, are aesthetic enough and love to hand around with the camera. The technicalities of the camera also need to be mastered. There are many people who have started off as novice photographers and taken it up as a hobby initially until they found out that this is where there calling lay.

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  3. # 3 Nitant Raut Says:

    I have been working in IT Industry for last few years and have visitted many places where I have capturred few stunning Photographs .

    Photography being my Hobby I always put my best photographs on various sites in contests. I have been selected as Star Contributor on http://www.oktatabyebye.com twice. Also my photographs have appearred on the sight many times as photographs of the day.

    I have my photographs displayed on http://www.soaphoto.com and also on http://www.birdsIsaw.com as well as on webshots sight.

    Now I wish to persue the career in photography and looking for an opportunity as a photojournalist.

    Can you please help me in this ?

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