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September 19th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

Print Media is liked by most of the people as information provided is very easy and accessible to read. Inspite of many new technologies, many prefer print media like newspapers, magazines and weekly journals to get to know the information from all over the world. These print media communication methods attract people in a great mass by delivering information from all the fields like current affairs, politics, sports, entertainment, health, environment, fitness and other social matters.

Print media offers a wide range of opportunities to many who want to pursue their career in this field. We are only familiar with Journalists, Column writers and Photographers when we talk about printing technology, but there are number of job options in this interesting field. Some of them could be listed as below:

  • Copy writers
  • Editors
  • Advertising and Marketing executives
  • Proof readers and document writers
  • Art directors
  • Graphic designers
  • Mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Printing Machine operators and many more.    

Other than these, there are general openings in this printing press field like financial accountants, secretaries, maintenance engineers, guards etc., and there are many career opportunities for young and dynamic creative people in this industry. Many printing presses uses the method of offset printing to print newspapers, invitation cards, pamphlets, brochures and magazines. So there are requirements for offset printing machine operators and maintanence engineers to ensure proper flow of work with efficiency and accuracy. There are proofreaders to ensure that the content of matter is organised in a more precise way.There are many other printing methods that has evolved with new techniques in recent times and some of them are Inkjet printing, Screen printing, Laser printing, Pad printing and Flexography

Distributors also can prosper through circulating and distributing newspapers to different locations and this works as an income generator to distributors and publishers, which becomes the most important job after printing. Publishing industry has also found its flourishment because of this print media technology which is usually done in large quantities.

Digital printing has given a broader spectrum to advertising and marketing fields of print media. The usage of graphic designs and digital screening has made this mass media colorful and popular.

A senior copy writer can get a very good pay structure of around 70K$ in USA p.a as per the analysis made by recent surveys. This could give an estimate of pay structure that is gained by this industry and briefly describes the potentiality of this field. Reporters are predicted to get around 50K$ and art directors can get upto 1 lakh $ in USA. However salary greatly varies and depends on the locality and the size of the organisation.

Any one who has been keen on building up a career in this fascinating field should first know about the industry and the jobs offered by the enterprises to cater to the requirements of the clients and substantially grow in that particular field to reach a higher level.

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