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With the advent of the FM radio everyone seems to be hooked on to the radio. It seems as though television and the internet have taken a backseat when compared to the radio. Therein you have the exciting, different, new age career of a radio jockey. The role of a radio jockey is to anchor the radio show and keep the listeners interest levels up so that they log on to the show consistently.

Radio Mirchi: Bajate Raho

Eligibility to Become a Radio Jockey(RJ): Anyone who has an ear for music and knows about music in an out is eligible to apply for the job of a radio jockey. A radio jockey must also have a way with words. S/he must be able to convey messages in a simple yet endearing manner. They must have a witty sense of humor and be alert throughout the show. They must also be energetic and brimming with new ideas to keep the audience from switching off the radio.

Education Qualification for a RJ: There are no particular educational qualifications as such for a radio jockey. However, most of them are graduates. The person must be familiar with the language, music and be able to respond spontaneously and creatively to the audience. The way they put forward the ideas in their speech matters a lot.

Degrees to become a RJ: No particular degree is required; however, there are training institutes that train one in the nuances of being a radio jockey. Most of the radio jockeys just pick up the requisite skills on the job or by budding up with an ace radio jockey.

Job Prospects For a Radio Jockey(RJ): The job prospects for a radio jockey entirely depend on the person’s expertise. It is not a regular mundane job as it includes several factors such as selecting the right kind of music, script writing the show and the final presentation. If the person is able to gauge the nerve of the audience and clicks with them then the sky is the limit. The listeners are the ultimate judges and they will decide on your career growth in this field. The radio jockey needs to be a multi-faceted person. S/he must be good with equipment such as computers, mikes; they must also have a good voice which can be modulated.

A radio jockey can audition for the job. AIR holds auditions almost every 3 months. There are several other radio stations such as Times, FM, Midday and other smaller independent radio stations. As the radio jockey gains experience he becomes more in demand as the audience start recognizing him. Radio jockeys can also do voiceovers in their spare time. They can also turn to compeering shows and events.

Salaries of RJ in India: The remuneration that a radio jockey can fetch for themselves is quite competitive. An experienced radio jockey for his first ever stint at radio jockeying can get between Rs. 7000 to 15,000 per month. There are companies that might also pay as high as Rs 14,000 to 25,000 per show. There are well-known radio jockeys who are earning more than about 75,000 per month. Radio broadcasting on the internet pays slightly better.


  1. # 1 Ashhar Haqque Says:

    for radio jockey

  2. # 2 sandeep rane Says:

    i want job (RJ)
    my number is 9049983978 & email id is sandeepr202000@gmail.com
    Skills for radio jockey

    • Individually create remixes by own software.
    • Non stop music editing possible by own software.
    • Sound mixing with the own software.
    • Very familier with music & digital music players.
    • Very familier work on sound mixer
    • Communicate with people because of currently working as communicate executive in webtech consultant pune

  3. # 3 radha Says:

    hi my voice is very good so i like to join as video jockey call immediately as soon as possible

  4. # 4 Sandhya Says:

    I love Rj Mujhe Dikhana Hai Ki Mai Kuch KAr Sakti Hu….
    Mujhme Vo Quality Hai….Suno Sunao Life Banano..it’s Hot !!

  5. # 5 Mohit agrawal Says:

    Hi,I want to join rj.wo insaan hi kya jo har sawaal ka jawab na de sake…so karle karle tu ek sawaal…

  6. # 6 shobha Says:

    hi dis is shobha frm hyd i like to join in radio jockey
    and my voice is also very gud and my communication skills every thing is gud plss contact me as soon as possible im not telling great any thing about myself after seeing me u can tell about me
    i like dis job veri much pls try to contact me

  7. # 7 ipsa Says:

    hi my voice is very gud and my communication skill is gud pls contact me as soon as possible

  8. # 8 venugopal Says:

    hi imintrested to do rj

  9. # 9 venugopal Says:

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  10. # 10 roopamadishetty Says:


    hai im very much interested to do radio jockey job please call me on this number:9642076232

  11. # 11 ruchi Says:

    hi this is ruchi ,
    m doing a RTVJ course in bhartiya vidhya bhavan
    want to be a RJ,,please reach me asap

    i love rj nitin and saima also simran

  12. # 12 VINAY Says:


    This is vinay am from bangalore and am very fluent in kannada am searching for a rodia jockey job,plz call me on 9986551343



  13. # 13 VIKAS CHAUDHARY Says:

    hi my name is vikas and cell no is 9999060866.
    i am multi telented man for rj, i want just one break in this field and write now i working in Amrerican Embassy as a manager but i want my field.

  14. # 14 YOGESH ARORA Says:

    hi THIs is Yogesh here a gradudate from DU AND a qualified cwa but inspite of being a professional in a/c & finance i found a creative side of mine , THEREfore want to be an rJ , FOR THAT i have gd communication skill & inter personal skills plz gve a chance & wide knwledge of bollywood & songs

    My no is 9717741976

  15. # 15 abdul khader Says:


    dis is abdul. i want to join rj. & also i was crazy to explore my voice to people so plzzzz make this possible i m experting u call. my mail id is abi.7985@yahoo.com and make a tring tring to my no 09886933666.

  16. # 16 dolly saini Says:


  17. # 17 anas j shamsi Says:

    anas here looking for a job and wan a to be come a rj
    i have a voice quality and all; taht things which you required as above mentioned
    is their any job for me so plz send your feed back
    m waiting tosee myself at RJ
    i am big rfan of zeeshan and i have also a better voice than zeeshan if 9i get achance i canproove my self
    here is my contact number –8750240420-
    address- okhla, newdelhi,110025
    jamia nagar, shaheen bagh

  18. # 18 eswari Says:

    i’m eswari frm dgl i like to join in radio jockey & my voice is perfect & gud & my communication skills also gud so, plsssssssss contact me as soon as possible im not telling great anything about myself after seeing me u can tell
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  19. # 19 sivaraj Says:

    Hi,i am sivaraj frm chennai l like to join in rj l like dis job very much

    so pls contact me

  20. # 20 sivaraj Says:

    Hi dis sivaraj frm chennai l like to join in radio jockey my voice& communication skills is gud .pls tell me , as soon as possible

  21. # 21 naveen Says:

    this is my dream to became a RJ. i have good sense of humour and i know about the music.

  22. # 22 sivaraj Says:

    Hi dis is sivaraj frm chennai.l like to join rj my voice@communication skills is gud l like dis very mush pls tell me sollution as soon as possibles

  23. # 23 sivaraj Says:

    Hi dis is sivaraj frm chennai.l like to join rj my voice,communication skills is gud l like dis very mush pls tell me sollution as soon as possibles

  24. # 24 deepan Says:

    hi dis deepan di sis email id

  25. # 25 Raj Says:

    Sir I am interested in RJ (fresher) pl call 9021479860 for further details I am fluent in English Hindi Marathi and Telgu

  26. # 26 sneha Says:

    i am interested in radio jockeying. i have done this before too in my school days and i have also performed as a anchor in citi mahatsav, in varanasi. i have a good voice with nice pitch and modulation, i am in Chandigarh right now. please do contact me on my email.

  27. # 27 G.sakthi priyadharshini Says:

    Hi this is sakthi i like to work in radio station i have given my mail ID here so am looking forward your reply

  28. # 28 gitanjali parihar Says:

    i want to be a R J………..i want this job………………………because my voice is so clear…..its my dream…..plz help me……………send mea mail………….on my email id………..

  29. # 29 gitanjali parihar Says:

    plz 98.3 fm …give me a oppurtunity……………………………..plz sabka snam…..98.3 fm………..

  30. # 30 vikas Says:

    i want to make RJ because i want to leave in every peopls heart……and tell him……binadass ho ke jiyo kyoki ye life bahut muskil se milti hai………

  31. # 31 Dj Karun Says:

    Well, I am a trained rj from Nepal. I have also worked as a T.V programe producer in Nepal and also a Dj in the Nepali Clubs.

  32. # 32 sakthi Says:

    i like to jon in fm rj so plese tel me the interview contacting in any fm radios pls

  33. # 33 Bharat Says:

    Hi!! i am a hospitality graduate. Being a good communicator, i feel i will be able to go a long way as a Radio Jockey. So kindly suggest how to go about it.

    E-mail: bharatairi@yahoo.com

  34. # 34 Govindegowda A S Says:

    Hai sir/ madam..,
    This is Govindegowda A S from mysore,
    Im looking for a Media related job. Im working in AIR mysore FM 100.6mhz as a Casual Annauncer at Mysore karnataka. If u got Any Information Regarding RJ Or any other post in any FM, My mail me or call me…

    thanks sir…

  35. # 35 Ashok Xaxa Says:

    Respected Sir / Madam

    I am very much intested for RJ or any other job for Radio FM. I am looking forward for the jobs and hope you will notice my CV which I Am attaching it with this application.

    C V

    Personal Information

    Name Ashok Xaxa
    Address c/o Dirandra Nath Sardar, Natun Para, 2nd bye Lane, Thanamakua West, Danesh Shaik Lane, Howrah 711109, West Bengal, India
    Phone +91-9903434365
    Email ashokx322@gmail.com

    Ethnicity and Nationality Tribal and Indian
    Date of birth 07th February,1982
    Gender and Social Status Male, Single

    Professional Information

    Work Experience
    Working with Howrah Danesh Shaik Lane Navadoy Seva Niketan (HDALNSN) since January 2010 as Program Coordinator.
    Worked as computer operator (part time) June 2008 – November 2009.
    Worked as privet tutor April 2006 – March 2010.

    Education Graduated in Bachelor’s in Arts (pass course) from Calcutta university, 2008.

    Languages English Speaking/Reading/Writing
    Hindi Speaking/Reading/Writing
    Bengali Speaking/Reading/Writing


    References are available upon request.

    Date and Place: May 5, 2011, Howrah, India

  36. # 36 Devisha Says:

    Hi, i wish to do the RJ job on part time basis.
    I am fluent with english and hindi as well as gujrati…
    kindly contact me if there is any vaccancy.


  37. # 37 Banafshi Says:

    hey radio mirchi!!!am keenly interested to work as RJ. i love music n an extrovert. I would like to rock all the mirchi listeners!!!since its radio mirchi!!!n its very hot guru!!!!!

  38. # 38 anitaharan Says:

    hai radio mirchi iam very much interested to work as rj iam very fluent in english and tamil and iam very talkative if there is any vacancy pls contact me pls pls pls

  39. # 39 madhu Says:


    This is madhu,

    I have gud voice quality…….. and every one like my voice,

    I hope if you will give one chance, So then i can prove this,

    And Thanks for your support, thats you are given chance to every one every time,

    This is appriciat to all of you………

    Regds / Madhu

  40. # 40 HIMANSHU Says:

    hi radio mirchi this is himanshu n plz give me a 1 break becoz i have a veri magical voice. so plz give me a chance.

  41. # 41 Rita yadav Says:

    iam rita from pune .iwant to become Rj. Rj ka work hota hai apne Audience ko apna bana sake. unke har wish ka khayal rakh sake , unke har question ka answer de sake.mujhe aise lakhta hai quality hai .[plz give me a 1break] sirf mujhe ek baar apne audience pas jane dejiye.ph.9762134331

  42. # 42 hiral Says:

    i want to be a famous R.J…..

  43. # 43 swathi Says:

    hai… iam also waiting for r.j auditions plz inform me when and where..? iam in hyd….

  44. # 44 archana nair Says:

    Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooo radio mirchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this is archana ap sab ki tikhi mirchi,,,,,,,,,,,,, i m intersted i becoming an RJ so mujhe khoney ki koshish mat kariye………. chance dijeya….. aur banaeye apney radio mirchi ko aur tikha aur chatpata,,,, ap mujhe call kar saktey hai 9765124866 par,,,,, aur is root ki sabhi liney uplabd hai…………….. this is archana signing offff

  45. # 45 Sundeep Says:

    Hey!!! I am sundeep from Chennai. I am a self-confessed chatter box and have a flair for talking non-stop nonsense :p very much interested to become a Radio jockey. pls. do mail me if there are any openings my mail id is mas.cny@gmail.com

  46. # 46 raghvendra .d j Says:

    iamRaghvendra from aligrah. up .iwant to become Rj. Rj ka work hota hai apne Audience ko apna bana sake. unke har wish ka khayal rakh sake , unke har question ka answer de sake.mujhe aise lakhta hai quality hai .[plz give me a 1break] sirf mujhe ek baar apne audience pas jane dejiye.ph.9761379698

  47. # 47 paromita dey Says:

    hey this is paromita

    Ø Worked in Kolkata Red F.M as a radio Jockey for 2 years.

    Ø Worked at Kolkata T.V as an Anchor for a year.

    Ø Worked as radio jockey in Punjab

    Ø Now working in taaza tv as anchor report and programmer

    Ø Recently have done chat shows with shaharukh khan, zarine khan , raima sen

    Ø Recently have also worked with ipl team

    Ø worked in two Bengali movies


    Ø Anchored Auto fair 2009 Kolkata

    Ø Anchored Auto fair of Ranchi.

    Ø Being a guest R.J. of big F.M. Kolkata.

    Ø Anchored events sponsored by 107.8 power F.M., Bandas T.V., Apple laptops, Panasonic viera, M.T.V roadies along with Ranvijay,

    Ø Anchored celebrity shows of Usha Uthup, Shwan Kenworthy, Salman Khan, Jessica Randhawan.

    Ø Anchored show for IPL Sony Entertainment television with Shahrukh Khan.

    Ø Anchored show with Sonnel Chuahan.

    Ø Anchored shows with television stars such as Balika vadhu serial- Anandi, Mile Jab Hum Tum -Samrat, MT.V ROADIE season 6 winner Naouman.

    Ø Anchored 3 presentations for Skoda auto seminar.

    Ø Anchored seminars for SIMENS.

    Ø Anchored Doctor Conference.

    Ø Anchored seminars for the chief minister of Bengal Mr. Buddha Dev Bhattacharya.

    Ø Participated in beauty contest 4 times.

    Ø Being official grooming partner of IEM College for inter college fashion show contest.

    Ø Being brand ambassador of Trigger Jeans, and Akansh beauty product.

    Ø Also have acted in Bengali serioul kokhono megh kokhono bristi,and also in a movie antare shudhu tumi.and atonker awaz


    Ø B.A. Graduate with journalism major

    Ø Diploma of Anchoring, Acting, and Radio Jockey.

    Ø Dance and music training.


    Ø Awarded as the best face of the week by LOREAL 2009.

    Ø Awarded for the best smile in Bengal beauty contest2006.

    Ø 1st runner up for Kolkata 19-20 beauty contest2007.

    Ø Awarded as the Beautiful Woman of the evening in the inter college fashion show.

    Ø Awarded for the best poster making from NSHM COLLEGE 2007.

    Ø Awarded as a smart anchor of the evening by Times of India 2009.

    Ø Awarded as the best new comer theater actor for a documentary film 2008.

    Ø Awarded as best dressed woman by SIGNATURE 2010.

    Ø Winner of KOLKATA TEEN DIVA 2007.


    Ø Good communication skills

    Ø Good skill of building relation

    Ø I am an extrovert person

    Ø Interpersonal skills

    Ø Honesty, Punctuality, Focus and target oriented

    Ø Expert in handling customers

  48. # 48 avantika Says:

    Hi, i am Avantika. I want to be a RJ not because i love to talk nonsense but beacuse, i know that RJ is not only about how much you talk, its about how concrete knowledge you have about your topic and ofcourse, your communication skills. So, if you my candidature apt then do mail me on my email id.

  49. # 49 nishu Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this is nishu.i m crazy to be RJ.bt my voice is like rani mukherji.if there is any opening for me plz do mail on my mail id

  50. # 50 minu airi Says:

    hi im Minu airi i wish to do the RJ job on part time basis.
    I am fluent with english and hindi as well as gujrati…
    kindly contact me if there is any vaccancy.


  51. # 51 minu airi Says:

    i wish to do the RJ job on part time basis.
    I am fluent with english and hindi as well as gujrati…
    kindly contact me if there is any vaccancy.


  52. # 52 Rishi Shirmali Says:

    hi I wanna be a Radio jockey, i had gud sense of humor,presence of mind nd gud communication skill..
    talking wid people is my passion..
    I m a gud mimecry artist..

  53. # 53 Rishi Shirmali Says:

    HI by profession right nw i m a research scientist.. but wanna become RJ..
    I was ad-mad show university champion..

  54. # 54 lokesh Says:

    hi i want to became radio jockey and my voice has nice

  55. # 55 Sathia priya.G Says:

    My aim is to become an RJ. I have sweet and sound voice. Hope I am eligible to work in this field. so I am eagerly waiting for your response.

  56. # 56 My name is chandan jaiswal Says:

    I wanna be a r.j…
    i am passinate abut it..

  57. # 57 reeni Says:

    hi mirchi call i am reeni i want to be rj for radio mirchi myvoice is very preety so pls contact me my mobile no 9176798940

  58. # 58 pooja Says:

    Hii….. M pooja i love music m crazy about music…i want to be a rj nd muje 3
    month ho gye h rj ki job dhundte dhunte bt mil nhi rhi nd meri voice achi h
    Or muje kisi bi kimmat pe rj bnana h mera passion h rj banna m graduated
    also so plzzz mail me plzzz nd ab jaisi rj chate h m waisi rj ban skti hu so
    plzz contact me plzzzzzzzz m bhot struggle kr rhi hu so plzzz

  59. # 59 Thivagar Says:

    my dream job

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