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Resume Scanning Tips: Preparing a Scannable Resume

January 25th, 2011 Posted by supriya

RESUME SCANNING is the latest trend in HR field. Many companies or recruitment firms today use resume scanning software. This software generally identifies and sorts resumes by looking at certain “keywords” in the document.These are action key words that relate to the position; therefore not including them could mean your resume is disregarded as a “non-match”
This ranking system helps them to decide who is a good match for the advertised position and who isn’t. Using the right resume key words can get you the interview!
To guarantee your resume will be included among the highest ranked document, keywords should be industry/job specific and applicable to what a recruiter or potential employer would be looking for in a suitable job applicant. They may include job titles, relevant skills, industry jargon, and necessary education / academic achievements.
Some keywords that you can use : {list}
Words you should avoid:
The words like contributed, supported, and assisted are not very effective. They say that you helped, but do not say how. If you decided to use them follow these words with a more complete description of your role.

Responsible for is another unnecessary phrase. List your accomplishments rather than enumerating your responsibilities, that looks much better.
Successfully is another key word you should avoid in your resume. It is better to give a specific example of your accomplishments that prove your success at your past jobs.

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