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Sample resume for Law Graduates : LLB Freshers CV

February 15th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

There are several jobs that are available for law graduates nowadays and the thing is that there is ample amount of competition as well for these jobs. However, if you want to get your foot through the door and get called for an interview then what you need is a fantastically worded structured resume that is aptly suited for Law Graduates. It has been proved that your resume has only 10 seconds to catch your potential interviewer’s eye. This could be the good, bad and ugly and decides it fate in which basket it lands up.

Therefore, when you have got your resume right you will be able to highlight your achievements, credentials, and abilities to grab the eyeballs of your potential employer.

Here is a Sample resume for Law Graduates:

Mary Williams
9876, East Avenue,
Huntsville, AL 980765,
(435)-489 7950
Email: marywilliams@yahoo.com

Obejctive: To be able to work in the law firm to utilize my experience and skills to the utmost to bring about a win-win situation.

Education Details:

  • Maxworth Law School, Ohio, 2009, Ohio University specializing in a graduate degree in corporate law
  • BA from Ohio Graduate University majoring in English in the year 2008.
  • Honored for the best marks in English for that year.

Professional Experience:

  • Editor of the College Legal Magazine for the year 2008.
  • Mentored juniors and got them inducted in the college and its style of functioning
  • Worked as a legal intern during the summer of 2007 at Brandon Attorney’s Office
  • Practiced the drafting of pre-trial meetings and conducted research, typed out briefs for a senior corporate lawyer in the evenings

References: Will be provided on request.

Keep in mind that the legal opportunities have changed over a period of time and especially so in the corporate world. Your resume for a legal job needs to be perfect in all respects. Ensure that you tweak and tune it so that you don’t go across and send the same one across to every job and legal opportunity that you apply for. This will give it the customized feel about it and will ensure that you are able to catch the attention of the potential employer.
You could take the sample from above and create separate resumes for the different kinds of legal jobs that you are applying for. Have a separate one for corporate and multi-nationals and a different one for government organizations.
Also, ensure that the resume is to the point and precise. Ensure that you do not list your responsibilities but will be able to highlight them along with the achievements at the interview and allow them to generate the right kind of interest for you.

Your resume should be a page and not more than it, as it is not a thesis. Do not try and stick on everything into your resume as it should not look crammed at any point of time. Moreover, do not forget the format and structure.

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