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Should you copy an Online Resume from the Internet

January 24th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

When you are searching for a job, the very first thing that one needs to take care of is a resume. There are tons of resumes and that too free ones that are available on the internet. Now the question arises whether you should copy an online resume. The thing here is that lots of students, first time job hunters as well as professionals be they executives or customer service associates go on to get tempted and just cut, copy paste these online resumes from the websites.

There is no harm about surfing the internet and finding out some really good websites that give you the right kind of information about the resume samples and how to write them. Once you have done your groundwork well enough you will know that there are some really good ones, mediocre ones and the ones that are hopeless. Narrow down on three or four good websites and then go through their samples well.

You might be tempted to go ahead and copy paste the content that you find out there blindly, but, wait, desist from doing that. However, much of a good resume you find online, that is not you. You can certainly go on and get the inspiration from it such as look at the structure, the framework and the specific words used. It is certainly easy to take the resume right off the web but it is not a smart move on your part.

You might not realize it but the potential employer sees loads of different resumes every single day. If you go on and copy the one from the website straight away without the use of ingenuity then you are going to be caught. What will that result in? Well, you are certainly not going to be called for an interview as no one wants a copycat around them. There are several people who think that they can go ahead and hoodwink the employer by just changing the name at the top of the stolen resume but all that they are doing is ruining their chance of a perfect career. There are people who might have copied that same text a million times over and because of that if you send it over one more time, you are certainly not going to get a reply.

Another thing with the online resume is that you aren’t sure about how very impactful it is going to be. How much of an impression will it create on your potential employer? No one knows you as well as you yourself and only you will be able to do justice to the explanation about your strengths, achievements and skills.

Be judicious about what you go on to pick from the online resume and you will be safe. Look at the categories, the different styles and structures that have been used and if you do so you will certainly make a wise choice and keep yourself out of trouble.

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