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Starting Salary For Freshers in Indian Army

March 7th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

The Indian Army is the largest recruiter in India. There are tons of freshers who join it every year with the right amounts of patriotic fervor in their hearts. The entire force is well looked after and has the most fascinating of career opportunities and potential to offer recruits. The more the economy of India grows, more is the need for one to guard their country and more is the pay that is offered in the Indian Army.

The Indian Army does a whole lot to go on and attract the very best of cadets and youngsters into its fold. In order to do so it offers them the most fascinating of pay packets along with some of the most liberal of perks ever. This is a good enough strategy to go on to not only attract the very best of Indian talent but also to ensure that they remain with the Army.

The way the salary slabs work in the Army is that each rank has a prescribed pay scale attached to it. This ensures that a person gets a fixed salary increment every year until they have reached the maximum level for that stage.

Most of the recruitment in the army starts off as a training period and the salary even then is far above the ordinary. If one were to take the NCC route to recruitment in the army and be hired then the stipend paid during the training is about 21,000. When the person completes the training they will find themselves in the pay scale of a Lieutenant and earn about 15,600 to 39,100 at the highest range. This does not include the other allowances and the social status that one automatically gets by being in the Army.

The armed forces certainly offer a fresher one of the best options of being able to propel their career to the next level. They offer you one of the finest of pay packets ever and ensure that your dreams and aspirations for yourself and your family are aptly met. You will have the best of professional growth, learning opportunities, job security and satisfaction along with the economic stability that this kind of pay packet can fetch you.

The other thing to keep in mind is since the time the sixth pay commission has been implemented the salaries have really gone up. The pay that one gets along with the kind of quality of life is not there in any other government job or even a corporate job for that matter. There are several different facilities and opportunities for you to outshine and get the facilities and perks coming your way. The salary that you get is only one of them. The grade pay is about 5,300 and the military service pay Rs6, 000, the kit maintenance allowance is Rs. 400 per month. Then there are other perks such as transport, field area, and the others which add up to quite a bit.

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