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May 25th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers


Many companies prefer to interview Freshers & Experience Candidates via the telephone as it has plenty of advantages linked with it. They can quickly narrow down on the employees that they are interested in meeting.

This can save a lot of time for both the parties involved. Hence, remember that the telephonic round is actually a screening round and you must put your best foot forward in it.

At all times you must be prepared for the telephone to ring and a potential employer at the other end of the line. You will miss out on a lucky break if you fumble and falter then. Be ready with the answers that you will give at the spur of the moment. Rehearse a few answers about yourself and achievements so that you are not caught on the wrong foot. Research some of the most frequently asked questions and you will have the answers pat ready. At the same time do not sounded scripted as they do not want you to sound like a taught parrot.

If you have been informed beforehand about the interview then keep your resume ready in front of you. Ensure that your best accomplishments are mentioned in points and pinned up so that you don’t forget them. Have a pen and paper handy in front of you in case you want to note down a few things.

Take yourself to a room where you will not be disturbed and it is quiet. Keep all other calls on hold and disconnect any other phones. Clear the room of friends, relatives, family and pets. It is always better to use a landline phone rather than a mobile phone if you have the option. As the signals are clearer you will not have to repeat or ask the interviewer to repeat anything.

See that you are ready to answer. Do not eat, smoke or chew gum whilst answering. Smile. You will be surprised but a smile will add on to the extra bit of zeal and enthusiasm in your voice which will be carried forward through the wires. An interviewer wants to employ someone who sounds energetic and eager to do this entry level job and not some damp squib.

Speak slowly. Ensure that you articulate your words carefully. Enunciation is important or else you will be asked to repeat what you have said which can be quite unnerving and confidence dampening. Open your mouth and speak rather than muttering something in your mind. Remember to match the pace of the interviewer and mirror their style without sounding rude of course. So don’t go overboard with it.

Listen attentively and do not interrupt the speaker. Let the person finish speaking and then go ahead. Try to judge by the intonation whether they have finished speaking. A falling intonation at the end indicates that the person has finished speaking whereas a rising intonation at the end is that the speaker is going to continue speaking.

Remember that the final outcome should be that you are called for a job interview where you can further showcase your benefit to the organization. Close the call professionally as a last impression is also an important one. Thank the person and end the call.

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