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Tell me about yourself for Freshers

February 8th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

How a Fresher Should Answer “Tell me about yourself” in job interview ?

This is one of the most recurring question in all the rounds of the selection procedure. “Tell me about yourself” is a popular question which will of course show your confidence level and this question is related to the job profile and the candidate’s suitability for that job position.

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question

The solution to this question must be thought before heading towards the interviewer, because you may go wrong in putting your views in a proper way or end up using inappropriate words to describe about yourself. Pen down what you want to convey him well in advance and get prepared to this question accordingly. This question is of much importance because it will definitely evaluate your communication skills as well as your confidence level.

Relate the question with job position and how you suit for that profile. Speak about your interesting subject and how you want to grow in this field. Be precise and clear in telling your personal details including your academic qualifications and certification courses in a short way. Discuss in detail your goals and motivations that helps both the organization and your individual interests.

Personal details must not exceed more than 100 words and you will have to tell him that how your skill sets suits the job profile in this short duration. You must not be taking much of the interviewer’s time and do not keep on repeating the same points.

You have to highlight your academic qualification, goals and interests, job position suitability, everything in all in a stipulated time limit in front of the interviewer. So prior preparation is the only solution if you want to answer this question efficiently.

You will have to communicate every detail of yours in a short time that is less than two minutes to the interviewer. You should tell him that you will be able to work under any pressurized conditions and you should also tell him that you are prepared to work for over-nights and weekends to complete the work in time.

Apart from these you try to include some of the points listed below in your conversation if possible.

Describe yourself as hard-working, task-oriented person and you always stick to ethics and principles even in your career life as well. Tell him that you love to work in a social fun environment to grow individually in the organization. Your team working capabilities may also be briefed in a sentence or two. Talk about your weaknesses and strengths with few illustrations.

Interviewers often use this question to valuate your communication skills and your confidence level. Be specific on your academic achievements and certifications.

Interviewer will have no idea about you and you have to portray yourself in a positive way to him.

Be confident, courageous, fearless and dauntless in answering the questions put forward by the interviewer. This is the best way to tackle the questions and win the required job for yourself.

Good luck for a bright career!

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