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November 30th, 2009 Posted by VFreshers

What makes an enterprise the best and biggest in business? The factors are quiet a few.

A strong leader, a crisis-proof make, strategic expansion, branched out profiles & innovative ventures. Each year a new name is seen climbing up the ladder.

The reason: old ones underestimating the new potentials.

Apart from realizing the goals of a fast-growing company, it is also obligatory that the company must earn goodwill for itself. It is a back-up in times of stagnation & crossroads.

Some of the names, mentioned in the list below, have garnered this position by a consistent effort & meticulous planning. The relationship with their employees also speaks of their rich work culture, which further ascends the company name in the top notch wish list.

THE list:

  • General Electric –
    A US based company, dealing in a pudding stone work culture. Due to its diverse holdings, it has finally made its way to the top of the chart.
  • Royal Dutch Shell –
    A UK based Petroleum Company, which has an interesting integration of sales & assets. It deals primarily in Oil and Gas operations.
  • Toyota Motors –
    A Japan based automotive company, which has risen to this eminent status by years of quality service. It has a huge market capital and is ranked as one of the best amongst the auto firms.
  • ExxonMobil –
    Another US based company, dealing in oil & gas. With an obvious reason for the oil industries making a fortune, this enterprise is a major profit holder.
  • BP –
    A UK based petroleum giant, that lacks behind the above mentioned oil firms because of a little low revenue & assets.
  • HSBC Holdings –
    A UK based company, dealing in banking industry. Finally, a name from the financial sector; it however, has lost its last year’s prima position.
  • AT&T –
    A US based company, which is the oldest name in telecom services. It has a vast history of development & talent acquisition. And, this year took a major leap in the profit earning.
  • Wal-Mart Stores –
    A US based company, which is a single-handed success in the retail sector. It has risen like a phoenix in times of economic slowdown. And, has been a prestigious name in retailing, since its creation.
  • Banco Santander –
    A Spain based company, dealing in banking facilities. It has also earned a name for itself, amidst a whooping number of banks that surface each day. With a strategic procurement policy, it has carved a niche for itself.
  • Chevron –
    A US based company, again, dealing in Oil & Gas sector. It is in reality, tied with Banco Santander of Madrid for the 9th spot. With a gripping profit generation & sales, it has marked a significant juncture in the oil industry.

There is a seemingly endless list beyond these top ten entries. With a diverse background of work, the names sound both, popular & well-established.

These have made to the list this year, but, without the constraint of holding these positions securely for the next year. So, keep checking for the updated nominations.

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