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Top 10 Freelance Jobs India 2010

February 3rd, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

The moment we bring out this topic about top 10 freelance jobs, the first question that comes to our mind is that is it true? That is are there well paying freelance jobs available? Is it possible to get authentic freelance jobs? Can someone really make money by sitting at home? Well the answer to these questions is very much in the affirmative!

Top 10 Freelance Careers 2010

Top 10 Freelance Careers 2010

You need to go step by step. Take one step at a time. Don’t be in a hurry. Some of the options may take some time to fetch you money. Most of the jobs can be found in the internet. Some may differ but you need to have patience and keep your cool. Above all be ready for rejection as you may get to face it more often as a freelancer.

The first among the top 10 freelance jobs is that of data entry. This is a very prevalent way to make for freelancers. You can surely take it up if you have the basics of typing and have a little computer knowledge.

Then comes the turn of an authentic profession called tutoring or teaching. You can simply teach students of different classes depending on your own skill set. This definitely never fails.

Okay now we have another option of a writer. Internet marketing is booming. So the demand for writers is also growing. You can work as a freelance writer for internet marketers and make some money for yourself.

Talking about writers you can be a blog writer and make huge money out of that. This may not start to pay at once but is surely helpful in doing so. It may take some time to show results.

Among the top 10 freelance jobs you can also opt for another option that of a translator. Different companies need market their products and services in different languages. So if you know more than one language then you can surely be one.

Then you can also become a graphic designer if you have any knowledge about digital imaging. This is a good idea for those who have some basic knowledge in animation.

Another thing that is very happening these days is that of an online researcher. These researchers have to research on various products and services in order to provide a review of a certain product for example.

The most amazing freelance job among the top 10 freelance jobs is that of an internet surfer! Yes don’t be surprised to see this one on this list. There are some companies who would like to pay you for internet surfing.

Web journalism is another way of making it through freelance working. The last but not the least could be that of a telemarketer from home. Of course that is also possible!

The reason why people opt for freelancing is because family or health issues. These are not the only the reasons there are a few more. Like in the case of women family and children become their priority. They cannot stop working either for financial constraints or simply because they want to. Some want to get rid of the office politics and take a leave from their fulltime jobs! So these are the few of the top 10 freelance jobs.

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