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Top 10 Jobs in Indian Government Sector

February 18th, 2010 Posted by VFreshers

If you have decided to opt for a government job then it could be one of the wisest decisions that you have made.

Government of India: National Flag

Government of India: National Flag

As the corporate sector and mnc companies in India lose their pull and attraction that they commanded a few years ago based on the recession and the uncertainty in the economy the best bet for employment seeking youth are the government jobs. 6th Pay commission also deserves a lot of credit as the Government Job Salaries in India have touched a new high after the 6th PC.

These government jobs could be in the state or the central government agencies.

Here are the Top 10 Government Sector to work for in 2010:

  • Central Services: To work for the UPSC which is the Union Public Services Commission. This branch undertakes the recruitment for Indian government services. These include admissions to defense schools, civil services, scientists for R&D in various fields. This is an extremely prestigious job as this is the sector that conducts all the government based exams and declares the results.
  • State Services: Similar to the UPSC but this is for the respective state governments. The state governments have their own setup for recruiting people into their services. These include Group 1/2 officers, teachers, university professors
  • Civil services at the centre are considered to be most prestigious and tough to get through services. These officers are accountable at district level and are most respected. This includes the three branches which are the Indian administrative service, Indian foreign service and the Indian police service. This is the best of the lot and the cream amongst all the government jobs.
  • Scientists and R&D specialists
  • University professors
  • Teachers in state and central run schools
  • Nationalized banks such as RBI, SBI and so forth. This sector of government jobs offers one plenty of opportunities as there are several different kinds of jobs within the banks.
  • Telecom sector which includes BSNL.
  • The three defense sectors which are the army, navy and the air force
  • The aviation industry such as Air India and Indian Airlines and the Finance and accounting office’s run by the government

You have to go through lots of competition to achieve these jobs. But, once you are in then you have a job for life. These jobs come with several liberal perks associated with them and along with the most liberal of salaries. The sixth pay commission has made the salaries in the government sector almost on par with the private corporate sector.

Moreover, India is a growing country and there is always going to be vacancies that exist in the government sector. Once you have set foot into the government job you will be able to find out more opportunities laterally and vertically for yourself. This will certainly be the best of stepping stones for your career. You will certainly never ever regret having opted for a government job.

Any sector that you join in the government job sector you are assured of a good enough career progression and great growth opportunities.

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